2002 Hart Trophy winner is Auston Matthews

The results are in, and Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs has been declared the 2022 Hart Trophy winner. Since Ted Kennedy won the award in 1955, Matthews is the only Maple Leaf to do so. The Professional Hockey Writers’ Association bestows this honor, which recognizes the player who has had the biggest impact on their squad.Matthews not only recorded the highest single-season goal total in the franchise’s more than 100-year history, he also became the first player in the NHL to reach 60 goals since Steven Stamkos did so ten years ago.

Matthews played a crucial role in the Leafs’ success this year. Matthews’ development into one of the league’s top two-way players was equally commendable, giving the Maple Leafs an elite presence at both ends of the ice that they, really, have never had before. While the work he did to solidify himself as the best goal-scorer in the game ate up the majority of the headlines. Matthews gave Leafs Nation a legitimate superstar after years of having nothing to cheer about.

Written by Eren Kilic

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