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2018 Big Brother Recap and Odds — Someone’s a Robot; Someone’s Swaggy

It’s Season 20 of (say it with me) CBS’s Big Brother and the 16 contestants in the house are already stirring up drama. In addition, Big Brother’s twists this season have left some of the contestants a little, well, robotic. Let’s first meet the contestants who are vying for a $500,000 prize and I’ll give my viewpoints on each of them and what’s happened so far.

Steve Arienta: 40-year-old former undercover cop
Sam Bledsoe: 27-year-old welder
Haleigh Broucher: 21-year-old college student
Kaycee Clark: 30-year-old pro-football player
Tyler Crispen: 23-year-old lifeguard
Bayleigh Dayton: 25-year-old flight attendant
Kaitlyn Herman, 24-year-old life coach
Winston Hines: 28-year-old medical sales rep
Angie “Rockstar” Lantry: 34-year-old stay-at-home mom
JC Mounduix: 28-year-old professional dancer
Brett Robinson: 25-year-old cybersecurity engineer
Angela Rummans: 26-year-old fitness model
Scottie Salton: 26-year-old shipping manager
Faysal Shafaat: 26-year-old substitute teacher
Rachel Swindler: 29-year-old Vegas entertainer
Chris “Swaggy C” Williams: 23-year-old Day trader

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Right now, Big Brother is getting ready to (maybe) evict their first houseguest. If you haven’t watched, there was a competition last week which doled out two punishments — one to Kaycee who had to wear a clock around her neck. Every time it turns, she couldn’t leave the room. To some extent, it hindered her game and ability to talk to other houseguests.

She didn’t have it nearly as bad as Sam did, who was literally turned into a robot for a week. She couldn’t be physically in the room when she was a robot, making her game extremely lonely and withdrawn. Honestly, worst Big Brother punishment ever.

Since then, there was an app competition and if a houseguest is the top houseguest trending on social media that week they win a prize. The bottom trender gets a punishment. Sam thankfully WON an app prize and chose ‘Extra Life.” That’s good because Tyler won head of household and put Sam and Steve up for eviction. She might need that. Wow, talk about a rough start to Big Brother for Sam. I’m rooting for her, but she needs to stop complaining and start looking at the situation as to how she can turn it around if she gets back into the game.

Of course, the oldest, Steve, is also up for eviction. The oldest is ‘typically’ a target and this season is no exception. I think Steve’s more of the target this week than Sam is because Sam has kind of bonded with Tyler. The power of veto was played tonight and Steve and Sam are the final nominees of the week. However, Sam tells Tyler about her app — not all of the details though — and tries to get Tyler to realize she’s going to stay if she gets voted out, so vote out Steve. Good playing Sam.

It’s waaaaay to early to talk about who is going to win this. I’ll wait few weeks to make my call, but if you’re a Big Brother aficionado like I am you’ll know it depends on who is Head of Household. Who’s going to win will also depend on social play, meltdowns, showmances, etc. More to come. Here are my initial comments:

Steve Arienta: He told people he’s a mechanic, not an undercover cop. Check his nails folks and you’ll catch that lie. Yes, he could’ve gotten a manicure before he went on national television, but that would’ve been my first thing I’d do. Too bad the other contestants haven’t caught on.
Sam Bledsoe: My favorite Big Brother contestant — EVER.
Haleigh Broucher: She was caught making out with Faysal on Big Brother After Dark. The innocent college girl might have a wilder side to her that she might bring out in some vicious play.
Kaycee Clark: Love the fact she’s a football player, and she’s already in a six-person alliance, but I haven’t seen much play yet from her.
Tyler Crispen: This week’s Head of Household. I like his game so far and he’s been pretty cool with Sam. We’ll see if he sticks by his word to her that she’s safe.
Bayleigh Dayton: In a showmance with Swaggy C, but I don’t think that’s going to get her game far.
Kaitlyn Herman: The cast finds her ditzy and she’s not catching on, but right now she’s not in any danger.
Winston Hines: Good-looking guy who seems very down to earth. He started an alliance and I think he might go far in this game.
Angie “Rockstar” Lantry: Love her energy. Let’s see how she uses it.
JC Mounduix: Sorry, not sorry, but I want him out ASAP. On Big Brother After Dark, he was seen trying to pull the pants of one of the girls down and saying to the camera, “Do you want to see some pussy America?” Disgusting. Classless.
Brett Robinson: I don’t know much yet, except he thinks that he has to hide the fact he’s a cyber engineer.
Angela Rummans: She’s strong at comps and in a rival with Swaggy. Don’t know much else yet.
Scottie Salton: He’s on Steve’s side, but I don’t know much else about his game play yet.
Faysal Shafaat: Won first Head of Household. Weakest on social media. Needs to up his game.
Rachel Swindler: Don’t know much about her yet.
Chris “Swaggy C” Williams: Don’t drink every time he says “Swaggy C.” You’ll be legally drunk by the first commercial.

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Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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