Friday, August 17, 2018
So You Think You Can Dance

2018 So You Think You Can Dance Odds and Recap, Ep. 2

It’s the second episode of the new season of So You Think You Can Dance and this is a recap of some of the performances. If you’re just getting to this show for the first time, stick around. Once we get to the weeks where their experts are choreographing, you’ll see some amazing dancing. In the meantime here are our highlights. Remember there isn’t a choreography round, so it’s make-it-through or go-home.

The first So You Think You Can Dance dancer is 18-year-old Tessa Dalke, who is going to be dancing contemporary. This girl has leg strength and power for sure. Nigel calls her brilliant and stunning. Twitch calls her super talented. Mary calls her extraordinary. She gets through.

Jay Jay Dixonbey, 20, made it all the way to the So You Think You Can Dance Academy last year, but got eliminated in the choreography round. He toured over the last year with Travis Wall’s dance group. Wow. I’m not a fan of the song he chose, but his dancing is creative. Mary tells him he can spin like a top and stop on a dime. Twitch loves his stop and look at the audience. He gets a ticket to the Academy.

Nathan Hughes and Courtland Davis are up next and they are really good storytellers with their choreography. Great dancers. Nigel tells Nathan he’s tremendous and his facial expressions are a bit better than Courtland’s. Vanessa says they have amazing chemistry, but it wasn’t something they didn’t see before. Twitch said that he wanted a solo moment for Courtland too. Mary says they aren’t strong enough but are great entertainers. Vanessa says no. Twitch says yes and Mary says yes. Nigel puts them both through. I think they have a lot to work on and a lot to prove.

Hannahlei Cabanilla, 18, a contemporary dancer is up next and again she’s a very strong dancer with a lot of great control.

C.J. Butler is doing ‘his own’ hip-hop.’ He is a survivor is his mom being killed by his step-father. Boy can his legs move fast. Twitch thanks him for his bravery and channeling it into dance. His skills aren’t strong enough, but he’s a fun performer to watch.

Dustin Payne, an animator, has been on the So You Think You Can Dance show before and was cut early. I think he’s a great performer, but can he hold up in ballroom and things like that? I’m not sure. Twitch tells him the concepts are great.

The final part of the show is Nicole Clonch, 20, is doing West Coach swing and she brings out Benji Schwimmer as her dance partner! What do you think — did she get through?

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