2018 Survivor Ghost Island Finale — Who Won?

It’s come down to this Survivor: Ghost Island finale!
Before going to the final tribal council, these were the odds as to who would win:

Laurel Johnson +200
Domenick Abbate +250
Wendell Holland +350
Angela Perkins +500
Sebastian Noel +800
Donathan Hurley +1200

I still stick with Domenick winning because he has a fake and a real immunity idol and I think he’s played the best game.
Jeff shares that Survivor was the most watched show of the season.
Now to the show:
Sebastian still has an extra vote.
Donathan’s truth bombs are causing problems — are they his ticket to the end or did it destroy him?
Laurel is a well-liked hard-working Survivor — does she stick with her alliance or cut ties?
Angela is on the outside of every vote, but she is now a possible swing vote. Does it work for her?
Wendell has a laid-back attitude and still has a hidden immunity idol too, making him a threat to win.
Domenick’s brash style rubbed people the wrong way, but his gameplay is spot on. He has a real and a fake idol. Will his partnership with Wendell work against him or for him?
Sebastian is talking about being a ‘big boy’ and making a big move. Not much time left to do it if he’s going to — LOL.
Wendell, Laurel and Domenick talk about taking out Sebastian, who has played a clean, fair game.

Come on in guys! Wow, what a maze! One of the biggest ones they’ve ever done on Survivor. They collect puzzle pieces along the way and then solve the puzzle for immunity. There’s also a reward — steak dinner, baked potatoes, bread and dessert.
This is a close race, but it took Donathan time to get to his first station.
Wendell finishes first, this time being sure to call out Jeff’s name. “Jeff Probst!” That was funny. He takes Sebastian and Angela on reward, leaving Laurel stewing that it wasn’t her. Sebastian, Angela and Wendell talk about liking Donathan, but he needs to go home. Tonight’s the last night that Wendell can use his extra vote. Domenick is concerned about Laurel shaking things up. Sebastian, Angela and Donathan are talking about putting votes on Domenick and they don’t even have to tell Laurel because they don’t need her vote. Angela went back and told Domenick. “Angela has diarrhea of the mouth…she can’t keep a secret,” said Domenick, but he’s happy that she told him.

So does the extra vote get played? Does Domenick play his one, or two, idols? It’s Tribal Council, night 36.
Domenick goes off on Donathan. “Want to blow things up Donathan, let’s blow things up?” Domenick talks about his loyalty to Domenick and how he’s flipped around on the team. Donathan sticks with I’m going home. Wendell pulls out idols and said, “I could’ve given them to you, bro.” “I don’t need them, bro,” said Donathan. Wow. Way to blow up your own game.

Time to vote:
Jeff goes to tally and asks for immunity idols. Domenick had already played the idol (fake one). He had to fool the players to believe it was real. Any votes against him count, so hopefully, people believed it and didn’t vote for him.
The votes:

Sebastian gets voted out.

Once again Donathan’s ass is saved.

Come on in guys! Then there were five. They have to swim to a platform, climb up and slide down, go through the obstacles and pick up puzzle pieces. They have a four-piece pyramid puzzle to complete to win immunity.
Who won this immunity challenge?

Wendell wins again! This time he was quiet and emotional about his victory. Now it’s the next tribal council. Wendell has individual and a hidden immunity idol. Oh wow, he talks about outplaying Domenick tonight, but Domenick has an idol, so I’m not sure what he means.

It’s Lavita, Day 37: Domenick talks about trying to get the edge on Wendell and how he caught up with Domenick. Domenick says that he’s going to play his idol tonight to get to final 4. Domenick asks Donathan who he would take if he wins and he says Domenick. Domenick says that it’s a bluff. Laurel talks to Wendell and Domenick about getting there. Laurel says she would take Donathan out because she needs a vote on the jury. Wendell asks her wouldn’t taking one of us out be a notch in your belt? Domenick and Wendell talk about taking Laurel out.

It’s voting time:
Domenick plays his idol.
Wendell is playing his idol for Laurel.

Laurel — does not count
Donathan voted out.

Sia is giving Donathan $10,000 to help his family.

Come on in guys! For the last time this season. Balance on a wobbly beam while using a pole stack the balls on a stand. The winner gets to choose who is going to the finale with them, while the final two do a fire challenge.

Who won this final immunity? Domenick! So who does he choose to go with him?

They go to Ghost Island to plead their cases to Domenick. Domenick said that Wendell has the respect on the jury and he can’t bring him. However, Laurel said she can’t make a fire to beat Wendell so that Domenick should make Angela make the fire. Domenick works with Angela, teaching her how to make fire. Domenick was given a secret message to read. He gets to the top of the mountain and reads the note. He has one decision left to make. He has to choose a cursed urn — oh man, that’s creepy.

Oh man, Domenick is thinking of putting himself in the ring, giving Angela the necklace and going against Wendell in the fire-making challenge. Wow, that’s a big decision!

The last tribal council.
What does Domenick do? Domenick chose the Season 28 cursed urn when Woo was beaten by Tony.
Now, Laurel is going to the final three and Angela will fight Wendell in fire making.

Who wins? Wendell wins and he’s in the final three. Angela is eliminated.

Now it’s the final tribal where the jury asks questions. Now it’s voting time!

Who won?

For the first time in Survivor history, we have a tie!

Laurel is the deciding vote! She voted for — WENDELL.

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About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available: https://www.amazon.com/Location-Film-Lovers-Travel-Guide/dp/149303085X

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