Friday, August 17, 2018
World of Dance

2018 World of Dance Episode 2 Odds and Recap — Krump!

It’s the second week in this fast-paced World of Dance competition and we’re already seeing some amazing performances. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode and you’ll find out who made it to the duels:

The Lab, a junior hip-hop team is back after competing last season. They get messages from fans before their audition. Of course, the young dancers are filled with high energy! They make great facial expressions which I think is missing from a lot of so-called good groups. I like them a lot. Derek Hough jumps out of his seat. Judges: Jennifer: You guys are serious and a force to be reckoned with. Derek: says it’s laser sharp, everything was so enjoyable. Scores: 95, 92, 95 = 94 and they are through to the next round.

Pasha and Daniella: From Staten Island, New York, this ballroom dance couple is saying they are going to break the mold. They are in jeans and sneakers so that says something already. Very powerful, sharp dancing. His drop spin was crazy good. They aren’t my favorite ballroom couple, but they have a lot of emotion and stops and starts that are intense and precise. Jennifer: My eyes were glued to you the whole time. It went perfectly together. I was watching a sexy, interesting ballroom routine. Ne-Yo: Normally ballroom is glitter and I just wanted it to make sense and I thought it was great, but it wasn’t as competitive for me as I would like it to be. Scores: 79, 93, 87 = 86.3 and they get through.

Connection: A hip-hop upper team from Mexico who talked about how the area they are from isn’t safe and they couldn’t go anywhere because they could get kidnapped. I’m not crazy about the jackets and their moves are good but compared to the junior team, The Lab, I think they were outdanced. All three judges got up at the end. Jennifer: That was clean and dynamic. Derek: It was so good. Ne-Yo: That was super together. This is how you compete for a million dollars. Scores: 90, 92, 90 = 90.7.

Charity and Andres are junior contemporary dancers who made a dream board to achieve their dream of being on the show. What smooth dancers for being so young. All three judges stand. Jennifer: Can you be any cuter? You are such beautiful dancers. It was like one person. Ne-Yo: I believed you were a couple because the connection was so strong. Scores: 93, 96, 97 = 95.3.

BDash and Konkrete are a krump duo. Damn, krump is so much fun to watch and these guys are outstanding. I love their storytelling and the use of the hat. These guys were ridiculous — in a good way. Jennifer: It had that nasty krumping quality but it was so smooth. This was something else. Ne-Yo: how the hell do you choreograph krump? The fact that you did it clean, man! Scores: 96, 93, 94 = 94.3 — they are thankfully through to the next round.

The last group is the junior team of Fabulous Sisters, urban dancers. They are from Fukushima which was hit with a 9.0 earthquake in 2011. Because of the radiation, they couldn’t play outside. They dance with precision and intensity. It’s quite beautiful to watch. Derek: I would pay money to see an entire show of yours. It was magical to watch. Ne-Yo: There were textures and levels. Every move meant something. Scores: 94, 93, 97 = 94.7. Through.
Interestingly, in this episode everyone made it.

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