In 2022–2023, unvaccinated athletes and employees must undergo weekly COVID testing

This season, unvaccinated NBA players and team members must submit to weekly COVID-19 testing, the league’s teams were informed in a memo on Tuesday. The league stated that there would be certain exceptions to this rule, such as when the unvaccinated individual is thought to have “just recovered” from COVID-19.


For everyone else, though, testing won’t be necessary until “ordered by their team physician or a league physician or a government body,” according to the league. Facemasks are not necessary either, however they are advised for usage indoors in marketplaces where coronavirus levels are considered to be high by government experts.

The National Basketball Players Association has approved a policy for the next season that was created over the past several weeks and is in line with what Commissioner Adam Silver stated he would anticipate last month. Since the bulk of NBA players have already had their vaccinations, this is not anticipated to be a significant issue.


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