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205 Live Recap: Noam Dar Returns to Action

This week’s episode of 205 Live features the return of Noam Dar, an exhibition match between Cedric Alexander and Tony Nese, and some friendly competition involving TJP and Rich Swann in the main event.

Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese
Both of these Cruiserweights have competed against each other recently, but only in tag team matches. Cedric Alexander and Tony Nese are two of the best that 205 Live has to offer. Alexander recently came off of a feud with Noam Dar that lasted way too long, and while Nese has not been in a standard feud, he has been moderately successful and this seems like the beginning of a deserved push for the Premier Athlete.

Alexander and Nese trade pinfalls and Nese only gets the win after using Alexander’s tights for leverage. After the match, Nese calls Alexander a great athlete, but as long as Nese is around, he says that Alexander will only ever come in second place. Winner: Tony Nese

Interview w/The Brian Kendrick
After The Brian Kendrick mocked Gentleman Jack Gallagher for weeks, the two finally collided in a match last week. Gallagher’s anger got the best of him and he got himself disqualified just so he could assault Kendrick as much a possible. In an interview with Dasha Fuentes, Kendrick tells her that this proves his point of Gallagher being a coward and a clown. Even though he was assaulted, Kendrick won the match and according to him, that’s all that matters.

While Kendrick talks about moving on from Gallagher, the Extraordinary Gentleman attacks him from behind. He manages to pull Kendrick’s jacket off but by the time he does, Kendrick sprints away at full speed.

As a bit of a side note, this is a friendly reminder that Gallagher will challenge Pete Dunne for the WWE United Kingdom Championship on August 12 at Progress Wrestling’s show in New York City.

Noam Dar vs. Mark Thomas
Before the match begins, Noam Dar berates his opponent. He claims to have been watching Thomas for years, and makes fun of him for “still trying to make it.” Dar said he can’t relate since even though he is just 24 years old, he has been a WWE Superstar for over a year.

After schooling Thomas, Dar ends the match with what Vic Joseph calls the “Nova Roller.” Normally, squash matches don’t really do a lot, but this was a great example of Dar being a jerk of a heel and it played out perfectly. Winner: Noam Dar

In-ring Segment
Corey Graves heads to the ring and starts an interview with the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship, Akira Tozawa. As soon as he starts to ask Tozawa a question, they are interrupted by the champion himself, Neville. Tozawa decides to ask Neville a question, wondering how the champion is going to feel “when” he loses the title at SummerSlam. The King of the Cruiserweights laughs the question off and goes to sucker punch Tozawa, but the #1 Contender counters. He sets Neville up for the Senton Bomb, but Neville barely escapes.

TJP vs. Rich Swann
Several weeks ago, Rich Swann defeated TJP in singles action and ever since then, TJP seems to have been obsessed with being better than Swann. This loss led to a bit of a “friendly competition” between TJP and Swann. First, TJP defeated a local wrestler faster than Swann did after the wrestler just competed against Swann, giving TJP an unfair advantage. Second, they both selected teammates and TJP’s team with Tony Nese defeated Swann’s team with Cedric Alexander, and they got bragging rights even though Alexander took the fall. Now, they compete in a rematch from all those weeks ago with TJP a little too eager to get a win.

Swann seems to attempt some sort of hurricanrana, but TJP counters with an Electric Chair, with Swann’s neck hitting the top turnbuckle. TJP would follow through to finish his friend off with the Detonation Kick to give him the win he has been looking for over a month. Throughout the entire time Swann recovers and heads to the back, TJP gloats in his face. Winner: TJP

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