A $24.5 million program for former ABA players is created by the NBA

The NBA board of governors decided to award $24.5 million to former American Basketball Association players on Tuesday. Many of these players are currently having trouble affording their rent, medical expenses, and other basics of life. A protracted legal dispute brought on by the Indianapolis-based Dropping Dimes Foundation has been resolved thanks to the deal made by the NBA and its players association.

A non-profit organization called Dropping Dimes, which was established in 2014 to assist suffering former ABA players and their families, has been petitioning with the NBA to pay the money it claims the players of the now-defunct ABA due. The compensation, which the NBA refers to as “recognition payments” rather than pensions, is available to around 115 players. The players in question either played for three or more years in the ABA or for at least three years in the ABA and NBA combined without ever receiving a vested pension from the NBA. The players will get an average of $3,828 yearly for each year they participated in the league, as per the deal.

Written by Eren Kilic

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