American Idol Semi-finals — Who Made Top 3?

We’re only one week away from crowning the next American Idol. The show starts with mentor Carrie Underwood singing with the final five. How amazing that must be for all of them, but particularly for Gabby Barrett who has idolized Carrie for years. That’s probably how Kelly Clarkson felt when singing with Reba McIntyre after idolizing her as a kid.

Now, onto the semi-finals show.

First, we’re montaging Carrie Underwood, because the songs they are singing tonight are about their moms and from Carrie Underwood.

Michael J. Woodard is up first and he admits he’s a huge country fun. He picked “Flat on the Floor,” for his song. Carrie tells him the song brings attitude and he should too. “He’s going to turn into Michael J. beast mode,” said Carrie. He sounds really good in this song. I think he’s being a little overpowered by the music at times though. Lionel tells him he got it and he brought the performance and started on a grand scale.

Gabby Barrett is up next and she’s fangirling over her idol Carrie. “Holy monkeys!” she said. LOL She’s singing “Last Name.” This is her wheelhouse so, not surprisingly, she’s doing really well. She actually killed it. Dang, this is a tough competition. Luke said she’s going to take this and do so well. Lionel said, “we were going to be tough, but how do you say it’s just fabulous.”

The contestants got to do their first photo shoot courtesy of Macy’s. Cute! I have really grown to love this year’s contestants.

Next up is Cade Foehner and Carrie says he has a mysterious vibe. He’s singing “Undo It,” but Carrie says he needs to pull back from the level 10 all the time. His segment starts out in black and white and turns to color. That was cool. He does pull it back in the beginning and I like it. He lets go and it does sound more natural. It’s like Carrie Underwood knows what she’s talking about. LOL Luke tells him Carrie was right. Lionel tells him that he’s grown into his authentic self.

Trent Harmon is in the house too and he won the 15th season of American Idol. He’s on tour with Rascal Flatts too.

Next is my boy Caleb Hutchinson. Carrie tells him if he makes mistakes, bounce back. He needs to get out of his own way and connect with the audience. I love his personality. I love his voice in the song “So Small,” that he’s singing. He sounds a little shaky and pitchy, but I’m hoping what he’s doing is enough to get him through to Top 3. We’ll know soon. Lionel says “you are about as real as it comes.” Katy, “I’m a fan of your authenticity and you have a great sense of humor. Some people are outperforming you physically. Flap those wings a little harder.” Um, Katy, it was a slow song whereas the other songs haven’t been. Not sure why she said that.

Maddie Poppe is up next and singing “I Told You So.” “Your voice is more hypnotic in person,” said Carrie. This girl deserves to be in the Top 3 regardless of who else makes it (sorry Caleb). I love this rendition and her vocals are so strong. Katy said “I forget where I am when you sing. Just put a record out quick.”

Carrie Underwood sings “Cry Pretty.”

Back to the American Idol competition.

Gabby is singing “I Have Nothing,” in honor of her mom. 10+ if you ask me. Wow. I don’t even care what the judges say. She just nailed Whitney Houston. Lionel is proud of her and Luke doesn’t want to talk because it was so good.

Cade is singing “Simple Man,” and he really breaks down with his mom. He’s really connecting with this song and sounds like an old soul on this song. Nice job.

Michael is next and he reads the letter to his mom. He’s so cute. He’s singing Still I Rise. He brought it on this song. Nice job.

Caleb is up next. He has such a great sense of humor. “Thanks for lying all those years and telling me I was big boned,” he said. “It’s good to know if this music thing doesn’t work out I can live in the basement until I die.” He’s singing “Stars in Alabama.” Great song choice for him.

Finishing out the competition is Maddie. She’s singing “God Only Knows.” Whether she does country, pop, folk, rock or even Broadway, she shines. Plus she pulls off overall shorts on stage. LOL

Results time!

Now it’s time for the results! Dim the lights! Here we go!

In no particular order, 20 million votes have put through

CALEB! Wahoo!

I ‘think’ Maddie is going to take it, but I have hopes for Caleb. Honestly, I like all three of them and have predicted them for some time. Next week is the finale and it should be fun.






About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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