Astros News: Houston Names New General Manager

Former Rays executive assumes role vacated by Jeff Lunhow


This time, the Houston Astros are hoping things click. Obviously, that was a pun. On Monday, Houston names James Click their new general manager.

Here is what James Click looks like – courtesy of the Astros’ official twitter account – since you have likely never seen him before.

Following his new hiring, here is what the new head man has to say:

“I am excited to join the Astros family. The Astros are a progressive and innovative organization with a deeply talented group in the front office. I am grateful to Jim Crane and the Astros for giving me this opportunity to help lead this team to more championships.”

So what else is there to know about Click? He is a Yale graduate and just 42-years old. Hopefully, he’s not ‘technologically advanced’; or anything of the like.

While he’s expected to be officially introduced to the media on Tuesday by his owner, Jim Crane says this of his new GM:

“He is a respected leader who has progressed in this game across all aspects of Baseball Operations and he has built great relationships with both front office and clubhouse personnel. I am thrilled to introduce him as our new General Manager – he is a great addition to the Astros.”

Right now, Click steps into a firestorm of a situation. Surely the Astros have a talented roster, but some glaciers lie ahead in the wake of the sign-stealing controversy. Soon the team will have tough decisions to make on Carlos Correa and some other veterans. The moves that Click makes in the immediate term will either keep Houston’s window open longer or close it sooner.

Aligned with Dusty Baker at manager, they have a nice shot to be one of baseball’s better teams in 2020. From there, it’s going to be interesting to see what comes for Houston’s organization.

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