Astros News: Jomboy Speaks on Video Evidence of Astros Cheating

“I think the Astros punishment is going to be pretty severe.”

Once again, we meet Jomboy. Furthermore, he is Jimmy O’Brien; rising media star and soon-to-be mogul. Indeed, Jomboy has been at every turn of the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing saga; providing visuals with the stories.

Ken Rosenthal has thanked him. Men want to be him. Now, Jomboy is on a major network talking his business with Boomer Esiasion and his co-host on WFAN in New York.

First, he was asked if any Houston Astros personnel has came after him in any way, which is an interesting and good question.

“No, I know the general manager Jeff Lunhow’s wife was going nuts for a little bit, which is fair. But I think she just went ‘private’.”

Then, he’s asked if he thinks the Houston general manager survives this mess.

“I think he’s out – whether Lunhow resigns or whatever – I think it’s going to be pretty heavy punishment. Considering how quiet the Astros have been. When they were accused of pine-tar they were at the forefront of defending themselves. Now, they haven’t said anything; they haven’t said a word.”

Finally, Jomboy comments that the Astros doing something as outwardly obvious as banging the trash can in the dugout to relay signs was not smart. Think about it, they willfully put this out there for someone to discover. Right now, the guy who is peeling back layers for the world is Jomboy.

Notably, I found one simple comment he makes to be funny about the Astros’ exploits.

“The banging of the trash can was fairly dumb.”

The internet and material that exists on it is amazing thing. For example, earlier today we wrote on someone predicting the Astros’ disaster on reddit a month before it happened because of a dream. Of course, Jomboy’s work on the case has been a whole other layer dedication.

He’s a rising star, doing the show circuit and with his own media company. Forever, he will hold a historic place in baseball history due to technology and the Astros putting it on tape for everyone who would care to digest through it all.

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