Astros News: Several Major Punishments From MLB Possible for Houston Astros Sign Stealing


On Wednesday, it was a landmark day in the sign-stealing scandal for the Houston Astros. Remember, more video came out that looked to be damning evidence against Houston. Now, baseball is going to drop the hammer it sounds like.

For instance, check out this snippet for which we base this post upon.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported Thursday that MLB is trying to unearth evidence teams “used technology to aid hitters.” Based on the results of the wide-ranging probe, potential severe penalties could be “unlike anything seen in the sport’s recent history,” according to Passan.

Furthermore, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is talking to Yahoo Finance about the sign stealing by the Astros. The video below is a decent watch.

Certainly, it sounds like after facts are gathered; the Astros are really going to get sanctioned. Therefore, here is a snippet of what commissioner Rob Manfred said in the video.

“We’re in the midst of gathering the facts. When we discipline in a situation like this, we discipline with the view towards having prophylactic effect on behavior going forward…”

Obviously, the most interesting part of this post is that the Astros are going to face some severe punishment if they’re found guilty. Indeed, that’s worth waiting around for and writing more about, which is exactly what we plan to do.

Finally, let’s set up shop and just wait for baseball to do their due diligence. It seems like they’re dealing with this in a swift manner, and we should have more details each day of which we will update you on.

Written by Clint Evans

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