Adam Markowitz

Adam is a freelance sports writer in Orlando and a true stats junkie. His Houston Texans are his pride and joy during the fall and the winter on Sundays while he has the garnet and gold of his Florida State Seminoles in his blood. With a background in accounting as well, cramming numbers is Adam's game, and between his 11 years in accounting and 13 in the sports writing biz, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a sometimes very unique point of view to the table.

Odds Rob Gronkowski Will Be Medically Cleared for Super Bowl LII

Gronk Concussion

Outside of the man wearing No. 12, there isn’t a more important member of the New England Patriots than Rob Gronkowski. The big man is a matchup nightmare – too big for safeties to defend him, yet far too fast for most linebackers. Still, Gronkowski left the AFC Championship Game with a concussion, posing the question as to whether New …

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2020 Presidential Election Odds: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey 2020

The queen of daytime television brought Hollywood to its feet at the first major awards show of the season. Oprah Winfrey delivered a keynote-esque speech at the Golden Globe Awards that resonated throughout the country. Her inspiring words reminded us of her skills as a gifted orator, and they quickly went viral over every media outlet. Now, there is even …

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Tebow and Manning odds to replace Jon Gruden on MNF

There isn’t an NFL analyst out there wondering how Jon Gruden will affect the Oakland Raiders 2019 Super Bowl odds. There also isn’t an analyst wondering who will replace Gruden on the Monday Night Football broadcast. On Monday, released odds on who will replace Gruden in the color commentator spot on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Steve Young and Matt …

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