Friday, June 22, 2018

Chris Sheridan

Sheridan: World Cup After Six Days: WTF, as in: Whither The Favorites?

Upon further review, the World Cup is wide open. At least that is how things appear after a shocking loss by defending champion Germany (to Mexico), a tie for Argentina against a small island nation in the middle of the North Atlantic (Iceland), a draw for Brazil against a country that historically sees every conflict as somewhat of a tie (Switzerland), and a loss for Columbia against a nation better known for baseball than futbol (that would be Japan).

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Sheridan: Kawhi Leonard is not going to Los Angeles…or anywhere else nearby

Kawhi Leonard

What Kawhi Leonard wants doesn't matter. He is not going to Los Angeles...or any other destination in the Western Conference, sources are telling

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Sheridan: Action at Monmouth Park is a relative term

MONMOUTH PARK, N.J. ( — A day and a half after Gov. Phil Murphy was all smiles and giggles for the cameras, the scene Friday night at this old racetrack-turned-brand-new-sports-betting facility was a bit different. The line at the wagering window was short but long, the clerk at the counter was clearly overwhelmed, and a relief pitcher — a guy …

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Sheridan: What to expect at the US Open this week … and who to bet

Sports Betting Tips with Chris Sheridan episode 2 : 2018 PGA  US Open   My band of buddies includes a few friends who run in caddie circles in New York, and they have been predicting that 2-over wins the US Open. But I got in touch this morning with a much better source, and in his view it’ll be something …

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Sheridan: LeBron is leaving Cleveland, but no clues in the shoes

CLEVELAND ( — No clues in the shoes. LeBron James walked out of Quicken Loans arena at roughly 12:45 a.m. this morning, wearing a pair of jet black shoes (no socks) with a tiny pair of Italian flags in the back. Red, green and white? Go figure. The shoes are only important because exactly eight years ago, I followed James …

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Sheridan: Odds on LeBron’s Future; Delaware’s New Gambling Law; NBA Finals Game 3

Lebron James NBA Finals Delaware Gambling

Philly was a good bet yesterday, and the Governor of one of the nation's second-smallest states made the right pick when he placed the first legal U.S. sports gambling bet outside of the state of Nevada at 1:30 in the afternoon at Dover Downs Casino, thanks to Delaware's new gambling law. He wagered $10.

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Sheridan: Best bet for NBA Finals Game 2? Take Your Pick of J.R. Smith props

J.R. Smith Prop Bets

By Chris Sheridan Senior Sports Gambling Writer “I was channelling J.R. Smith.” We have all said it, heard it, tweeted it, memed it, Gif’d it and you name’d it dozens or hundreds of times since Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals concluded Thursday night with epic failures by George Hill (hey, you nervous?), Tyronn Lue (dude, just run on …

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Sheridan: On Day One of New Gig, I Ain’t Betting Against LeBron

I have a long and not-so-lucrative history of gambling on NBA basketball. This history began in 1992 when I covered my first game, the Milwaukee Bucks against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, and has continued in the 26 years since. The wager is always the same: $1. And there is a very famous writer who covers the …

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