Lisa Iannucci

Hall Ball: One Baseball’s Journey to Cooperstown

Hall Ball

Ralph Carhart is on a mission.

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Athletes and Charities: Going Pro, Giving Back

athlete charities

Often you hear someone say, ‘boy with all the money he has, why isn’t he doing something good with it?’ I’ve even been guilty of that a few times in my life. In the world of professional sports, where athletes can make millions and millions of dollars, there are some who actually are ‘doing something good’ with their money, their …

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Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs Movie Opens on September 22

billie jean king

Battle of the Sexes movie stars Emma Stone and Steve Carrel.

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Quidditch, Poohsticks, and Pazaak – 10 Fictional Games/Sports That Became Real


Fictional games that can now be played for real.

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‘Bringing Up Ballers,’ New Series on Lifetime

Bringing Up Ballers

Is Bringing Up Ballers worth watching?

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CrossFit Games Documentary Opens Today in Selected Theaters

Crossfit games

Watch contestants train and compete to become the fittest of the fit.

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International Women’s Day: Celebrate Women in Sports!

international women's day

It's International Women's Day!

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SHOWTIME Releases Trailer; and a New 30 for 30!


Set your DVRs.

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Take a Sports Cruise in 2017 or 2018

sports cruise

Sailin'! Vacation with your favorite athletes!

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The New Baseball Bible is Out!

The New Baseball Bible

Hey fans of baseball trivia, author Dan Schlossberg has done it again. This time, he’s published The New Baseball Bible. I’ve interviewed Dan multiple times (and appeared as a guest co-host on his Braves Banter podcast) and can tell you every one of his books are completely enjoyable. He’s written on umpire Al Clark and has written The 300 Club Have We Seen the …

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