Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Big Brother

2018 Big Brother Recap and Odds: Who Was Put on the Block?

On this edition of Big Brother, we already know that Kaitlyn is Head of Household, but what this episode shows us is exactly who knows that it was Kaitlyn who saved Sam.

According to Tyler, he used the fact that Swaggy C (take a drink) said that Kaitlyn was someone who could blow at any moment. he convinced Kaitlyn to go against what Swaggy wanted her to do and vote out Steve, not Sam. When asked why, Tyler tells Kaitlyn that they don’t care about her and she’ll be on the bottom of the pile in that group.

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When the Big Brother voting is recapped, we see that Kaitlyn did indeed vote out Steve, making her the 7th vote. Tyler tries to keep this information quiet, but does tell Sam so she knows who voted to keep her safe.

On the other hand, Kaitlyn is concerned that the Big Brother group called Foute — or her alliance — has her back but she’s not so sure. Now, as head of household, she has a decision to make about who to put up for eviction. Tyler talks about Swaggy C having to go because he thinks he has the power on that side of the house. Kaitlyn wants to put up Angela and Winston, but Tyler freaks out thinking that he’ll lose part of his own alliance that Kaitlyn doesn’t know about. He ultimately convinces Kaitlyn to put up Winston and Scottie as pawns and to backdoor Swaggy C. It’s a little bit of a daring plan because there are still so many people in the house and it’s a risk that someone won’t keep the noms same if they use the veto. Alliances aren’t necessarily set in stone so who knows who would flip.

Scottie freaks out because he thinks Kaitlyn’s nominations plan is a crappy idea and he is literally shaking at the thought of being put on the block.

In the meantime, the Big Brother App store is open and the houseguest who wins the Power App is (drum roll please) is Tyler! What a boon for him. He just got off head of household and is in a power alliance with Sam who has the other power app. Now he has one of his own and he chooses The Cloud, where he can keep himself from going on the block at any one nomination ceremony or veto meeting in the next 8 weeks!


The person who got the Crap App was Rachel, who was devastated for receiving it. She chose the YELL app (Why???) where at random times the BB people will yell random things at her. Again, why?

So, back to Swaggy C, who was absolutely pissed that he didn’t get the Power App and started telling America “What do I have to do America? I’m the best person here. I deserve it.” He was basically saying ME! ME! ME! Well, you could start with deflating your oversized ego and stop thinking that just because your name is Shaggy, I mean Swaggy you deserve anything. American obviously disagrees.

Nomination Ceremony

After Kaitlyn finds out that Sam has the power from last week, Kaitlyn nominated Winston and Scottie, with an announced plan to backdoor Swaggy. “Karma is coming for you Swaggy and I’m her messenger.” Nicely put.

What could I’ve done without this week? Watching J.C. get his back shaved by Rachel or pretty much anything with J.C. including the use of the yatus, or he means ‘hiatus.’

On a better note, Hamazon has ended.

So do you think that Kaitlyn’s plan to backdoor Swaggy will work?


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