Browns News: A Fan Punches Star Cleveland Brown

Myles Garrett sucker punched by fan

Indeed – when it comes to the Cleveland Browns – all things are possible. Even getting sucker-punched by a fan when you’re hopping out of your car to take a picture with said fan.

Furthermore, this is what happened to Myles Garrett. This is per a Bleacher Report Gridiron tweet, which connect a series of tweets by the star defensive end detailing the incident.

Moreover, here’s how Cleveland’s best defensive player describes the peculiar incident on his own twitter feed.

A “fan” hopped out his car to take a picture with me and then punched me in my face. Hm, put your legs into it might have actually made me flinch.

Then, he continued with a second tweet.

Was in my car, flagged me down for a picture and I cracked the window enough for the camera to get my face. Took the pic and gave me a pillow tap

First off, you really have to question what someone in their right mind is thinking here. Aside from being weird to do to another human being, Garrett is huge. He’s not the type of individual at 6 feet 4 inches and 270 pounds that most sane people would want to pick a fight with.

Obviously, this not sane person is probably not a big fan of the Cleveland Browns. Currently, Garrett has nine sacks in just six games played. While it’s been a disappointing 2-4 start for the Browns, Garrett looks like a generational talent on the defensive side on the ball.

Finally, with all that has gone on with Baker Mayfield (who is now sitting out practice hurt); you have to be a little surprised this incident didn’t involve him. Certainly, we are glad Garrett is alright.

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