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Cam Newton Stuck in Coach and the Patriots Head to Israel

A man that appears to be Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was trying to get more leg room on a flight to Paris this weekend, but he was shut down. Former Colorado State football player Elisara Edwards recorded the interaction, claiming that Newton offered a hefty sum to the passenger to try to exchange seats. The man declined, leading to Newton sitting in a cramped seat instead.

The NFL is a global sport, and Bob Kraft helped bring the game to Israel this week. Kraft and a group of 15 former and current New England Patriots traveled to Israel for a tour of the country, and along the way they put together clinics for youth teams and the Israeli Football League. Drew Bledsoe, Julian Edelman, and Stephon Gilmore are some of the big names that made the journey.

The NFL Sunday Ticket package has been available on DirecTV for the past 25 seasons, but the two partners might split at the end of this season. In the current deal, DirecTV is paying the NFL $1.5 billion annually for exclusive rights to its games, but the NFL could opt out of the deal in September, putting the contract back up for bid in 2020. It’s reported that the NFL is considering various proposals when it comes to how to distribute the games, but no one company will pony up as much cash as DirecTV.

Earlier this week, Brett Favre’s Instagram stated that the legendary quarterback was coming out of retirement at the age of 49. The post was quickly deleted, and Favre stated that he had been hacked while speaking to reporters at the AmFam Championship this weekend. Unlike many cases of alleged “hacking”, this one seems pretty real as Favre emphatically denied any thoughts of returning to pro football. He was then asked about the Green Bay Packers, and he spoke about the potential relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur.

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