2018 College Football Betting: Futures

How To Bet On College Football Futures

The college football season is one of the best times of the year for fans that love to both watch the games and bet on the games. However, college football fans don’t have to wait any more as they can get in to the action even before the first week of games kick off. One of the most popular ways to bet on college football is to wager on the futures options even before the games begin. These types of predictions are never easy. That said, if you do the necessary research and find some quality value, then it will be worth your time to get in on the college football betting futures. The key to success is tracking trends from the previous season, monitor line movements in the offseason and keep a close eye on various different storylines as they develop throughout the year. Here is a comprehensive guide to making serious cash betting on college football futures.

College Football Futures Betting Lines

There are plenty of different types of college football betting lines once the season begins. However, before things get started there are countless futures bets that you might want to consider. Before you get started looking for the best bets, it’s important to understand how to read the college football futures betting lines.

For every option on the board, there will be a team or player name accompanied by odds listed immediately to the right of them. Those odds will be listed with either a positive or a negative sign that establishes how much money you need to risk in order to win a certain amount of money. For example, if an option is listed at -150 then that means you will need to risk $150 to potentially win $100. If an option is listed at +150, then you only need to risk $100 to potentially win $100. The betting odds will vary widely depending on the type of wager that you are making. If you are betting on a favorite to win their conference, then you might see odds like -140 to win. However, if you are betting on a long shot to win the Heisman trophy, then you might see a player listed at +5000, which means you could potentially win $5000 on a $100 wager. Of course, it is you that decides the amount of money that you want to wager. Just remember, the bigger the wager the greater the potential winnings.

College Football Futures Bets

There are several different types of college football futures bets. The most popular types of college football futures wagers are listed below.

Conference Winners

One of the most obvious types of college football futures wagers is picking conference winners. Simply decide which team you think will win their conference and place your wager. Just make sure you shop around with different sportsbooks to compare totals and betting odds. Different sites could offer slightly different numbers so it is important to consider all options before placing a bet.

Regular Season Win Totals

Another popular option is betting on regular season win totals. These will vary from team to team depending on their perceived strengths. For example, the win total futures line for the Alabama Crimson Tide will be much higher than a lesser team like the LSU Tigers. As is the case with picking conference winners, make sure to shop around and find the best lines.

College Football Playoff Teams

Another interesting futures bet that you might want to consider is picking teams to make the College Football Playoff. The majority of sportsbooks will list a good portion of the top teams in the country with betting odds that could offer substantial value if you have a sleeper pick or two that you think could contend in any given year. You don’t need to pick all four to win, but if you somehow managed to accurately predict the four teams then you could be in line for a big payday.

Heisman Trophy Odds

In addition to the team props, you could also bet on individual player performances including specifically the player that will win the Heisman trophy. Every year there is a small group of favorites to win the award as well as a group of potential sleeper picks to win. If you are interested in placing multiple wagers, you could sprinkle some money on a favorite or two as well as some of the better value picks on the board.

College Football Futures Betting Strategy

Keep In Mind Recent History – One of the most important keys to picking next year’s winners is to go back and do the necessary research on the previous season. Just because a team had success the year before doesn’t mean they will do it again. That said, successful teams that retain a good portion of their best players are more likely to build on that success the following year as the core players improve and grow as a team. Make sure you do your research and know your history before you jump in to betting on college football futures.

Keep Track Of Offseason Moves – There is a lot can change over the course of an offseason. Whether it’s star players graduating to the NFL, the firing and hiring of coaches or the development of a top young prospect in to a starter at a key position, there is a lot that goes in to the changes that happen from one year to the next. Make sure that you keep track of these important offseason moves and read as many previews as possible from one season to the next before placing a bet. If you aren’t keeping tabs on offseason movement, it makes it that much harder to predict what will happen the following year.

Shop Around For The Best Values – As mentioned in a couple of sections above, it’s important to shop around and find the best possible values. Keep in mind that different sites offer different betting lines. That means that some sites offer better value on the college football betting option you want to bet than others. Take the time to do the necessary research, keep the recent history of teams in mind and shop around for the best values before you bet on college football futures.

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