Cowboys Carved Up on Thanksgiving, Astros Cheating With Lights, Kyrie Goes off on the Gram | GMS Podcast Episode 74

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We react to the Cowboys’ 25-16 loss to the Bills on Thanksgiving. We discuss the latest embarrassing loss by Dallas and whether Jerry Jones is making the right decision by sticking with Jason Garrett. Plus, Terry Bradshaw calls out the Cowboys, saying they “haven’t been relevant since Jimmy Johnson left!” 

Next, we discuss the recent developments in the Astros cheating scandal and break down the latest allegations. The Yankees notified Major League Baseball about suspicious blinking lights in center field during game 6 of this year’s ALCS. Plus, we discuss the growing pressure on commissioner Rob Manfred to levy harsh punishments on the Astros. 

Finally, we react to Kyrie Irving blasting Celtics fans for booing him, among other heckling shenanigans. We discuss Kyrie’s lengthy instagram post directed at Boston’s boo birds and tell you why he was right on with his rant. Plus, Kyrie shows love to his former Boston teammates after Friday’s rematch back in Brooklyn. 



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Written by Doug McKain

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