Cowboys News: Dallas Locker Room Explodes After Thanksgiving Loss

Jerry’s World Seems On Fire

Now a follow up on the earlier post about the Dallas Cowboys being blown out at home on Thanksgiving by the Buffalo Bills.

Apparently, the Cowboys’ locker room following the game had players yelling following the 26-15 loss which seems closer than it actually was. Take a look at the video:

Obviously, this season in Dallas feels like a dead end. Despite a talented roster that is seemingly lined with all-pro players, they are yet to beat a team with a winning record.

Now they’re stuck with a clear lame duck coach in Jason Garrett and a locker room that isn’t getting along over something. All of this is compounded because they still haven’t extended their quarterback; which could be seen as a sign of instability in the entire organization.

Furthermore, their owner is down right emotional over this latest loss. Perhaps it’s alright if you feel a little bit sorry for Jerry Jones after yet another Thanksgiving gone awry.

Nonetheless, it’s going to make for an interesting rest of the season for the Cowboys. Still there are four games left to be played, and Dallas is now in the thick of a division race with the Philadelphia Eagles. In all likelihood, that will come down to week 17 to be decided.

This is what makes the Cowboys a spectacle in the year 2019 – it’s not their success – but their drama. And for a site like this one, it’s a feeding frenzy on Thanksgiving night.

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