Cowboys News: Dancing Dak Prescott Becomes Meme Target, Will He Be Franchise Tagged?

Big weekend for the Cowboys quarterback

First off, Dak Prescott was about as good as it gets for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. The Dallas quarterback threw for almost 400 yards and three touchdowns. All night long, he sliced and diced a decent Minnesota Vikings defense in a 28-23 loss.

Still, the Cowboys elected to give Ezekiel Elliot the football during a crucial juncture late in the game. Because of this, the Cowboys ended up stalling out instead of letting Dak throw for a likely winning score.

However, that wasn’t even the biggest Prescott or Cowboys news of the weekend. No, there were two other items that are likely to be the topic of conversation before Dak’s big Sunday night performance that came up just short.

First, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network says that the Cowboys and Prescott are headed towards a franchise tag situation.

Therefore, here’s what Rapoport says about the situation regarding Prescott’s contract:

No progress was made on contract talks during the off week, sources say. In fact, negotiations in earnest have not gone on for some time.

As Dallas is set to face the Minnesota Vikings tonight, there is “nothing going on,” per one source.

This means Prescott is headed toward the franchise tag this offseason. At this point in the season, with a tag looming, it’s hard to imagine a new deal getting done. That said, neither side has put a deadline on it and talks could kick into gear at any point.

While this news seems big, it shouldn’t be surprising. Dallas and Prescott have stalled and sputtered in negotiations all season long. Remember, Prescott turned down a $33 million a year contract from the Cowboys before the season began.

Even still, the franchise tag information that leaked out early Sunday was not the biggest piece of Prescott content circulating the internet.

Prescott was seen warming up prior to Sunday Night Football. Furthermore, here’s a video of the real thing:

Then, the internet broke out in a series of Prescott memes; which is the real deal in terms of not only memes on twitter but all-time internet dance memes. Go ahead and enjoy yourself as you cycle through the following:

Whether it’s Shakira or Suavemente, Prescott has become the meme king for a day. Now, he just needs to get the Cowboys into the NFL playoffs and get a new deal signed. For now, he provided everyone with a grin or two thanks to his colorful warm-up routine.

The NFL is still a lot of fun, folks.

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