DFS C: Mason Plumlee Valuable Against Lakers

Mason Plumlee leads the center position in more ways than one. He projects as the top option for both total scoring and value. Plumlee is projected 48.06 DraftKings points to rank ahead of all other centers. His Middle tier price should result in a strong value as well, unchallenged by the likes of Al Horford and Marcin Gortat. Many owners will want a name with a high floor, making Hassan Whiteside, Andre Drummond, and Dwight Howard appear as safer plays.

Enes Kanter played a huge role in the Thunder’s win over the Bulls on Monday night. He played 28 minutes off the bench as he recorded a highly efficient double-double. Kanter totaled 20 points and 11 rebounds on 9-11 shooting. His production has been inconsistent this season, but tonight was one of many games where he lived up to his potential. He led true centers with 41.25 DraftKings points and was solidified as the top overall option because of hs 8.25 value.

Cristiano Felicio answered the call of Kanter with big production off the bench for Chicago. Seeing 24 minutes of action, Felicio also recorded a double-double on efficient shooting. He finished with 11 points and 11 rebounds on 5-6 shooting. Felicio also forced three turnovers as he was arguably Chicago’s best player last night. There was no debate about his efficiency as a Daily option. He ranked at the top of the chart by posting a staggering 11.08 value.

Rank Player Name Position Team Opponent Salary Points Value
1 Mason Plumlee C POR @ LAL $6,100.00 48.06 7.88
2 Al Horford C BOS @ TOR $6,700.00 40.81 6.09
3 Andre Drummond C DET @ SAC $7,700.00 39.05 5.07
4 Dwight Howard C ATL @ BKN $7,500.00 38.52 5.14
5 Marcin Gortat C WAS vs CHI $5,900.00 36.96 6.26
6 Hassan Whiteside C MIA @ GSW $8,000.00 36.09 4.51
7 Brook Lopez C BKN vs ATL $6,600.00 33.26 5.04
8 Pau Gasol C SAS vs MIL $5,600.00 33.17 5.92
9 Rudy Gobert C UTA vs CLE $6,800.00 32.73 4.81
10 Greg Monroe C MIL @ SAS $6,100.00 31.54 5.17
11 Cody Zeller C CHA @ HOU $4,500.00 27.84 6.19
12 Jonas Valanciunas C TOR vs BOS $5,200.00 26.40 5.08
13 Zaza Pachulia C GSW vs MIA $3,500.00 22.80 6.51
14 Tristan Thompson C CLE @ UTA $4,600.00 19.50 4.24
15 Robin Lopez C CHI @ WAS $3,900.00 18.44 4.73
16 Ed Davis C POR @ LAL $3,000.00 16.49 5.50
17 Cristiano Da Silva Felicio C CHI @ WAS $3,000.00 15.13 5.04
18 Timofey Mozgov C LAL vs POR $3,200.00 14.36 4.49
19 Dewayne Dedmon C SAS vs MIL $3,700.00 14.10 3.81
20 Kosta Koufos C SAC vs DET $3,200.00 13.68 4.27
21 JaVale McGee C GSW vs MIA $3,000.00 12.80 4.27
22 Nene Hilario C HOU vs CHA $3,300.00 12.22 3.70
23 Lucas Nogueira C TOR vs BOS $3,500.00 11.74 3.35
24 Roy Hibbert C CHA @ HOU $3,000.00 10.48 3.49
25 John Henson C MIL @ SAS $3,400.00 9.51 2.80
26 Tarik Black C LAL vs POR $3,000.00 8.92 2.97
27 Aron Baynes C DET @ SAC $3,800.00 8.36 2.20
28 Willie Reed C MIA @ GSW $4,400.00 7.95 1.81

Elite Tier Pick (+$8,000)

Hassan Whiteside – $8000 – 36.088 Points

Hassan Whiteside has answered the call as the future centerpiece for the Miami Heat. The team moved on from veteran Dwyane Wade and the center has thrived in his new role. The rest of the team has struggled, but the lack of talent does not rest on his shoulders. Standing as the top Elite option, Whiteside has averaged 42.2 fantasy points a game. He and the Heat will take on the Warriors at Oracle Arena this evening. Golden State has been average against the position this season, ranking 15th in the league.

The continued problem for the Warriors has been strong interior presences. Whiteside is one of the best in the NBA on the inside, providing good opportunity for tonight’s game. Though Miami is nearing the end of a long road trip, Whiteside’s legs should be fresh given the time he missed with an eye injury. The only concern is that if the game gets too out of hand (which is likely), he may see limited minutes.

High Tier Pick ($8,000 – $7,000)

Dwight Howard – $7500 – 38.522 Points

The preservation of Atlanta’s starting group should result in continued results for Dwight Howard. He has found a new comfort level with the Hawks and the moving of Paul Millsap could have damaged that. It appears as if Millsap will be staying with the team for now. Howard stands in as the number one High tier option with a 36.7 fantasy average each night. The Hawks will be facing the Nets at the Barclay’s Center this evening. Brooklyn has been terrible against the position as they rank 26th versus opposing centers. Howard should offer a number of problems for Brook Lopez and the Nets’ interior. The former superstar has regained his top potential as a rebounder and has scored at a consistent level to make him one of the best center options.

Middle Tier ($7,000 – $5,000)

Mason Plumlee – $6100 – 48.06 Points

Mason Plumlee plays as one of the top value options with an average of 30.8 fantasy points per night. The Trail Blazers will take on the Lakers at the Staples Center this evening. Los Angeles has been sub-par against opposing centers with the 18th ranking defense in the league. Portland will look for a repeat of their success from their matchup last week. The team came away with a win over the Lakers as Plumlee recorded 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. Little has changed, making a safe level of expectation.

Low Tier ( -$5,000)

Zaza Pachulia – $3500 – 22.795 Points

Zaza Pachulia is one of the better punt options available this evening with a 17.6 fantasy average this year. Golden State faces Miami at Oracle Arena tonight. The Heat offer a fair matchup as they rank 12th against opposing centers. Despite being the starter, Pachulia sees very limited minutes with the Warriors. The team’s small ball mentality has limited the production of a man who averaged a double-double for much of last season. His value lies within playing time which may be at a premium facing Hassan Whiteside.


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