Rudy Gobert looks to be a clear frontrunner for Defensive Player of the Year honors.

DFS C: Rudy Gobert Finds Edge over Myles Turner

Al Horford continues to play well on both ends of the floor as Boston heavily relies on his production. He played 33 minutes against Philadelphia in a surprising loss on the road. His offensive efforts amounted to 27 points on 11-16 shooting and 6 assists with 1 turnover. He made a heavy impact on defense as well with 8 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 1 steal in the loss. Horford finished Sunday as a favorite option with 50.6 FanDuel points on a 7.33 value that ranked second for among all centers.

Aron Baynes offered Elite value off the bench as Detroit came away with an easy win over Phoenix. Baynes played only 18 minutes, but recorded a double-double as the Suns are extremely thin on the interior after shutting down Tyson Chandler. He scored 13 points on 5-9 shooting while collecting 17 rebounds (5 offensive). His production was nonexistent otherwise, but Baynes finished as a top option with a 9.27 value to lead the position.

Rank Player Name Position Team Opponent Salary Points Value
1 Nikola Vucevic C ORL PHI $8,000.00 34.74 4.34
2 Al Horford C BOS WSH $6,600.00 32.86 4.98
3 Rudy Gobert C UTAH IND $7,900.00 32.26 4.08
4 DeAndre Jordan C LAC NY $7,600.00 30.62 4.03
5 Dwight Howard C ATL CHA $6,800.00 30.05 4.42
6 Myles Turner C IND UTA $6,400.00 28.42 4.44
7 Myles Turner C IND UTA $6,400.00 28.42 4.44
8 Mason Plumlee C DEN HOU $6,100.00 26.68 4.37
9 Clint Capela C HOU DEN $5,300.00 26.16 4.94
10 Steven Adams C OKC GS $5,200.00 25.19 4.84
11 Cody Zeller C CHA ATL $5,200.00 24.23 4.66
12 Zaza Pachulia C GS OKC $4,300.00 18.81 4.37
13 Bismack Biyombo C ORL PHI $4,300.00 18.61 4.33
14 Kelly Olynyk C BOS WSH $3,900.00 17.77 4.56
15 Nene Hilario C HOU DEN $4,500.00 17.26 3.84
16 Kyle O’Quinn C NY LAC $5,000.00 15.77 3.15
17 Guillermo Hernangomez C NY LAC $5,700.00 15.42 2.71
18 Jahlil Okafor C PHI ORL $5,200.00 13.58 2.61
19 Al Jefferson C IND UTA $3,500.00 13.39 3.82
20 JaVale McGee C GS OKC $3,500.00 12.71 3.63
21 Ian Mahinmi C WSH BOS $3,600.00 11.35 3.15
22 Tyler Zeller C BOS WSH $3,500.00 7.28 2.08
23 Jeff Withey C UTAH IND $3,500.00 4.95 1.41
24 Roy Hibbert C DEN HOU $3,500.00 4.56 1.30
25 Rakeem Christmas C IND UTA $3,500.00 4.46 1.27
26 Mike Tobey C CHA ATL $3,500.00 4.27 1.22
27 Chinanu Onuaku C HOU DEN $3,500.00 2.52 0.72
28 Diamond Stone C LAC NY $3,500.00 2.04 0.58
29 Marshall Plumlee C NY LAC $3,500.00 1.84 0.53
30 Damian Jones C GS OKC $3,500.00 1.75 0.50

Elite Tier Pick (+$8,000)

Nikola Vucevic – $8000 – 34.736 Points

Standing as the top Elite option, Nikola Vucevic has averaged playable fantasy points each game. He and the Magic will take on the 76ers at home this evening. Philadelphia has been the worst against the position this season, ranking 30th in the league. Vucevic returned to a clear offensive role after the trading of Serge Ibaka and has climbed up the rankings ever since. He is a marginal Elite name at this point, but continued opportunities to score will cement as a more reliable name. The 76ers remain bottom feeders and opposing bigs have found extensive success, creating great upside for Vucevic in tonight’s matchup.

High Tier Pick ($8,000 – $7,000)

Rudy Gobert – $7900 – 32.256 Points

Rudy Gobert stands in as the number one High tier option with a 34.71 fantasy average each night. The Jazz will be facing the Pacers on the road this evening. Indiana has been struggling against the position as they rank 24th versus opposing centers.  Gobert remains one of the most consistent options at center with value as a scorer, rebounder, and rim protector. His greatest Daily production came with a near guaranteed 10 rebounds a night, but upside on the offensive end leaves him as a near Elite name. The Pacers have been limited on the interior given Myles Turner’s smaller stature, allowing Gobert to find a higher ceiling.

Middle Tier ($7,000 – $5,000)

Al Horford – $6600 – 32.857 Points

Al Horford plays as one of the top value options with an average of 32.02 fantasy points per night. The Celtics will take on the Wizards at home this evening. Washington has been limited against opposing centers with the 24th ranking defense in the league. Horford is a favorite name from the Middle tier given Elite upside in the right matchup. His ability to perform as a passer and rebounder in addition to scoring grants surprising upside. The Wizards continue to find more success on the perimeter than the inside, prompting greater value for Horford this evening.

Low Tier ( -$5,000)

Kelly Olynyk – $3900 – 17.765 Points

Kelly Olynyk is one of the better Low tier options available this evening with a 18.26 fantasy average this year. Boston faces Washington at TD Garden tonight. The Wizards offer a favorable matchup as they rank 24th against opposing centers. Olynyk is a difficult play from the Low tier despite high upside on the inside. He is a natural scorer with ability to rebound, but remains limited in terms of consistency and opportunity. Washington remains thin in the frontcourt beyond Marcin Gortat, allowing Olynyk to play above his usual level in a game that could decide Eastern Conference rankings at the end of the year.


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