DFS PF: Paul Millsap Returns from Knee Injury

James Johnson offered exemplary production off the bench as Miami fell short at home on Sunday. Johnson played 31 minutes for the second unit as he led the team on both ends of the floor. He scored 24 points on 9-13 shooting with 2 three pointers and 5 assists. His efforts on defense amounted to 7 rebounds, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. Johnson played as a top option at the position with 47.9 FanDuel points on a 8.11 value.

Richaun Holmes was a surprising performer for Philadelphia as the team came away with a marginal win over the Celtics. Holmes played 29 minutes off the bench with versatile production emerging primarily on the defensive end. He scored 8 points on 4-6 shooting with 5 assists as he was somewhat limited on offense. His greatest impact came near his own rim as he finished with 7 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 2 steals. Holmes produced well above expectations with 35.9 FanDuel points on a 7.47 value Sunday night.

Rank Player Name Position Team Opponent Salary Points Value
1 Blake Griffin PF LAC NY $8,700.00 43.05 4.95
2 Nikola Jokic PF DEN HOU $10,500.00 39.24 3.74
3 Paul Millsap PF ATL CHA $7,300.00 36.01 4.93
4 Kristaps Porzingis PF NY LAC $6,500.00 35.75 5.50
5 Draymond Green PF GS OKC $8,100.00 35.64 4.40
6 Markieff Morris PF WSH BOS $6,100.00 28.27 4.63
7 Ersan Ilyasova PF ATL CHA $4,500.00 25.83 5.74
8 Thaddeus Young PF IND UTA $4,600.00 25.18 5.47
9 Marvin Williams PF CHA ATL $6,700.00 25.08 3.74
10 Dario Saric PF PHI ORL $7,800.00 23.76 3.05
11 Enes Kanter PF OKC GS $5,500.00 23.66 4.30
12 Frank Kaminsky PF CHA ATL $5,600.00 23.65 4.22
13 Ryan Anderson PF HOU DEN $4,300.00 23.22 5.40
14 Derrick Favors PF UTAH IND $5,000.00 23.11 4.62
15 Kenneth Faried PF DEN HOU $5,600.00 22.78 4.07
16 Taj Gibson PF OKC GS $4,200.00 22.77 5.42
17 Aaron Gordon PF ORL PHI $5,400.00 21.98 4.07
18 Richaun Holmes PF PHI ORL $4,800.00 17.44 3.63
19 Montrezl Harrell PF HOU DEN $3,600.00 17.00 4.72
20 Marreese Speights PF LAC NY $3,600.00 16.02 4.45
21 Amir Johnson PF BOS WSH $3,800.00 15.55 4.09
22 Trey Lyles PF UTAH IND $3,500.00 11.83 3.38
23 Jonas Jerebko PF BOS WSH $3,500.00 11.64 3.33
24 Domantas Sabonis PF OKC GS $3,500.00 11.45 3.27
25 Jason Smith PF WSH BOS $3,900.00 9.60 2.46
26 David West PF GS OKC $3,500.00 8.83 2.52
27 Lavoy Allen PF IND UTA $3,500.00 8.54 2.44
28 Boris Diaw PF UTAH IND $3,500.00 8.25 2.36
29 Brandon Bass PF LAC NY $3,500.00 8.05 2.30
30 Juan Hernangomez PF DEN HOU $3,700.00 7.86 2.12

Elite Tier Pick (+$8,500)

Blake Griffin – $8700 – 43.05 Points

Standing as the top Elite option, Blake Griffin has averaged rising fantasy points a game. He and the Clippers will take on the Knicks at home this evening. New York has been poor against the position this season, ranking towards the bottom of league. Griffin is coming off a strong performance against the Cavs’ second unit and will look to remain a favorite option tonight. Los Angeles needs to remain on a winning path as the team has slid in the rankings in recent weeks. His versatile approach on the interior allows for great upside, and a limited Knicks’ frontcourt leaves Griffin as the top option at the position.

High Tier Pick ($8,500 – $7,000)

Paul Millsap – $7300 – 36.006 Points

Paul Millsap stands in as the number one High tier option with a 35.28 fantasy average each night. The Hawks will be facing the Hornets on the road this evening. Charlotte has been limited against the position as they rank 22nd versus opposing power forwards. Millsap continues to play as a versatile name for the Hawks given his role as a scorer, passer, rebounder, and defender. The Hornets have been limited with interior defense and the loss of Frank Kaminsky has seen them slide further in the wrong direction. Millsap finds a new ceiling given the favorable matchup as a value name with top potential tonight.

Middle Tier ($7,000 – $5,000)

Kristaps Porzingis – $6500 – 35.748 Points

Kristaps Porzingis plays as one of the top value options with an average of 32.48 fantasy points per night. The Knicks will take on the Clippers at the Staples Center this evening. Los Angeles has been strong against opposing power forwards with the 6th ranking defense in the league. Porzingis hit a mid-season plateau similar to what he saw last season. The versatile offensive big is a key piece of the Knicks’ system, but consistency remains an issue. The Clippers stand as one of the better interior defenses in the league, limiting Porzingis to nothing more than a value option.

Low Tier ( -$5,000)

Ersan Ilyasova – $4500 – 25.833 Points

Ersan Ilyasova is one of the better Low tier options available this evening with a 23.45 fantasy average this year. Atlanta faces Charlotte at the Spectrum Center tonight. The Hornets offer a high upside matchup as they rank 22nd against opposing power forwards. Ilyasova has gained quick value with the Hawks as the team looked to him as the starter late last week. Paul Millsap’s knee injury has likely not completely subsided, leaving the journeyman big to play more extensive minutes. He plays as a favorite value option, but increased opportunity may lead to greater volume.


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