DFS PG: C.J. McCollum Improving in New Year

C.J. McCollum stands as one of the best point guard options on Wednesday night. He ranks 7th on a heavy list of big scorers. His 47.74 DraftKings point projection translates to a 6.12 value that leads the upper tiers. Teams have struggled to slow him down during the new year as he’s seen an increase in scoring. James Harden And Russell Westbrook have a strong hold on the lead for total scoring, but their high price tags may be out of some owners’ budgets.

John Wall led all point guards in total production as he lifted the Wizards to a win on Tuesday night. He capped off another strong performance with a game winner in the final five seconds. Wall recorded a double-double with 26 point and 14 assists in a favorable matchup with Chicago. His 58.0 DraftKings points were the top mark for the position. He continues to be a reliable option, though his rising price tag may result in decreasing value.

Kemba Walker was one of the few Charlotte Hornets to find regular scoring success in the loss to Houston. He led the team in scoring with 25 points on 9-20 shooting. Similar to his scoring coming at an inefficient pace, so did his passing numbers. Walker recorded the double-double with 10 assists, but he also turned the ball over five times. Despite the various struggles, he came away with a 6.62 value to lead all point guards on Tuesday.

Jerian Grant stood as one of the top bargain options as he was named the starter against Washington. Fred Hoiberg gave Dwyane Wade the night off, starting both Grant and Michael Carter-Williams. Grant found success as a facilitator with a team high 6 assists in addition to 9 points. He struggled to keep control of the ball, turning it over five times. His production was limited, but his 6.61 value ranked second for the position to make him the top punt option of the night.

Rank Player Name Position Team Opponent Salary Points Value
1 James Harden PG HOU @ MIN $12,000 62.83 5.24
2 Russell Westbrook PG OKC vs MEM $11,800 62.60 5.30
3 John Wall PG WAS @ BOS $9,200 52.22 5.68
4 Isaiah Thomas PG BOS vs WAS $8,900 51.23 5.76
5 Damian Lillard PG POR vs CLE $8,500 48.62 5.72
6 Chris Paul PG LAC vs ORL $9,400 48.51 5.16
7 C.J. McCollum PG POR vs CLE $7,800 47.74 6.12
8 Kyrie Irving PG CLE @ POR $8,200 43.38 5.29
9 Mike Conley PG MEM @ OKC $6,900 41.91 6.07
10 Ricky Rubio PG MIN vs HOU $5,600 36.07 6.44
11 Elfrid Payton PG ORL @ LAC $5,400 33.58 6.22
12 Patrick Beverley PG HOU @ MIN $5,600 30.78 5.50
13 Derrick Rose PG NYK @ PHI $5,900 29.80 5.05
14 T.J. McConnell PG PHI vs NYK $5,500 28.27 5.14
15 Austin Rivers PG LAC vs ORL $4,700 26.14 5.56
16 Brandon Jennings PG NYK @ PHI $4,900 24.13 4.92
17 D.J. Augustin PG ORL @ LAC $3,600 16.98 4.72
18 Sergio Rodriguez PG PHI vs NYK $4,000 15.84 3.96
19 Iman Shumpert PG CLE @ POR $3,500 15.14 4.33
20 Cameron Payne PG OKC vs MEM $3,000 11.25 3.75
21 Kris Dunn PG MIN vs HOU $3,000 10.28 3.43
22 Trey Burke PG WAS @ BOS $3,000 7.86 2.62
23 Andrew Harrison PG MEM @ OKC $3,700 7.70 2.08
24 Terry Rozier PG BOS vs WAS $3,000 6.69 2.23
25 Ron Baker PG NYK @ PHI $3,200 6.40 2.00
26 Kay Felder PG CLE @ POR $3,000 6.28 2.09

Elite Tier Pick (+$8,500)

Isaiah Thomas – $8900 – 51.23 Points

Standing as the top Elite option, Isaiah Thomas has averaged 42.7 fantasy points a game. He and the Celtics will take on the Wizards at home this evening. Washington has been above-average against the position this season, ranking 12th in the league. Thomas was a key factor in the previous matchup between these teams. He recorded 23 points, 10 assists, and 6 rebounds in the sizeable. Now at home, Thomas will look to take advantage of a team playing their second game in a row. Unfortunately, Boston is in the same situation. If tonight’s game gets away in the same fashion as the first one, he may not see his usual minutes.

High Tier Pick ($8,500 – $7,000)

C.J. McCollum – $7800 – 47.74 Points

C.J. McCollum stands in as the number one High tier option with a 37.5 fantasy average each night. The Trail Blazers will be facing the Cavaliers in Portland this evening. Cleveland has been good against the position as they rank 10th versus opposing points guards. McCollum surprisingly struggled in the first, high scoring matchup. He was held to only 13 points and one rebound in the loss. Tonight offers a different feel with his recent success. Teams have struggled to slow him down as he is averaging 33.0 PPG in the month of January. The feeling out period for the Cavaliers and Kyle Korver may result in yet another big scoring night for McCollum.

Middle Tier ($7,000 – $5,000)

Ricky Rubio – $5600 – 36.072 Points

Ricky Rubio plays as one of the top value options with an average of 26.5 fantasy points per night. The Timberwolves will take on the Rockets at home this evening. Houston has been struggled against opposing point guards with the 24th ranking defense in the league. Rubio demonstrated his versatility in the first meeting against the Rockets. Though he was held to 7 points, he finished with an additional 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals. An inconsistent scorer, he’s proven his worth all season by providing in an array of ways when needed.

Low Tier ( -$5,000)

Austin Rivers – $4700 – 26.136 Points

Austin Rivers is one of the better punt options available this evening with a 18.6 fantasy average this year. Los Angeles faces Orlando at the Staples Center tonight. The Magic offer a favorable matchup as they rank 22nd against opposing point guards. Rivers posted a then season-high 25 points in the teams’ first meeting of the season. Though he was limited in other production, he converted 7 times from deep in the narrow win. Rivers missed Sunday’s game, but all signs point to him returning tonight. If the Clippers do not want to strain Chris Paul’s hamstring, Rivers may see a slight bump in playing time.


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