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DFS SF: Markieff Morris Offers Position Top Value

Markieff Morris offers top value as the Wizards host the Bulls. Morris sees heightened potential as Chicago plays their second game in a row. He leads the position in value with a 6.35 projection. Nikola Mirotic offers a similar number from the Low tier, but has been riddled with inconsistency. Owners that would like to see more volume-based production will look towards the Elite tier for Kevin Durant and LeBron James in tonight’s games.

Harrison Barnes reigned atop the small forward position following his big scoring night against Minnesota. Despite his strong outing, the Mavericks once again added to the loss column. It was a very one-dimensional performance from Barnes as he posted a line of 30 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist. Dallas continues to look at him as their primary scorer. He pulled through on Monday as his 35.5 DraftKings points was the top mark for all small forwards.

Carmelo Anthony was one of the top performers on a weird night for Knicks. The team turned to the veteran to again shoulder the scoring load as Kristaps Porzingis was outmatched. Anthony finished with 18 points on 7-15 shooting. His other production was limited as he recorded 6 rebounds and 1 assist. It was a poor night for small forwards as his 27.5 DraftKings points tied for the top mark of the night. Speaking to the point, his 3.81 value ranked second for the position.

Rank Player Name Position Team Opponent Salary Points Value
1 Kevin Durant SF GSW vs MIA $9,800.00 50.14 5.12
2 Kawhi Leonard SF SAS vs MIL $7,900.00 44.44 5.63
3 LeBron James SF CLE @ UTA $9,600.00 43.33 4.51
4 Gordon Hayward SF UTA vs CLE $7,000.00 39.48 5.64
5 Markieff Morris SF WAS vs CHI $5,600.00 35.53 6.35
6 Jabari Parker SF MIL @ SAS $7,300.00 31.20 4.27
7 Rudy Gay SF SAC vs DET $6,500.00 30.65 4.72
8 Trevor Ariza SF HOU vs CHA $5,700.00 30.60 5.37
9 Nikola Mirotic SF CHI @ WAS $4,900.00 30.25 6.17
10 Tobias Harris SF DET @ SAC $6,300.00 28.66 4.55
11 Otto Porter SF WAS vs CHI $6,200.00 27.17 4.38
12 Doug McDermott SF CHI @ WAS $4,400.00 25.19 5.72
13 DeMarre Carroll SF TOR vs BOS $4,200.00 24.93 5.94
14 Jae Crowder SF BOS @ TOR $5,200.00 24.16 4.65
15 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF CHA @ HOU $5,000.00 22.80 4.56
16 Marcus Morris SF DET @ SAC $5,000.00 22.47 4.49
17 Luol Deng SF LAL vs POR $4,700.00 22.12 4.71
18 Maurice Harkless SF POR @ LAL $4,300.00 21.22 4.93
19 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson SF BKN vs ATL $3,600.00 20.37 5.66
20 Anthony Tolliver SF SAC vs DET $3,300.00 17.56 5.32
21 Andre Iguodala SF GSW vs MIA $3,600.00 16.59 4.61
22 Sam Dekker SF HOU vs CHA $3,300.00 13.87 4.20
23 Matt Barnes SF SAC vs DET $3,900.00 13.42 3.44
24 Michael Beasley SF MIL @ SAS $3,400.00 13.19 3.88
25 Brandon Ingram SF LAL vs POR $4,100.00 13.10 3.20
26 Joe Harris SF BKN vs ATL $3,200.00 12.80 4.00
27 Taurean Prince SF ATL @ BKN $3,000.00 12.13 4.04
28 Jaylen Brown SF BOS @ TOR $3,000.00 8.63 2.88
29 Richard Jefferson SF CLE @ UTA $3,000.00 6.11 2.04
30 Treveon Graham SF CHA @ HOU $3,000.00 5.24 1.75

Elite Tier Pick (+$8,500)

Kevin Durant – $9800 – 50.14 Points

Many have overstated the problems that Golden State has faced early in the year. Carry the best record in the league, they are still the sum of some of the best parts in basketball. Kevin Durant has stepped into the new organization with little drop in his production. Late game situations will need to be ironed out, but that is the extent of it.

Standing as the top Elite option, Durant has averaged 50.0 fantasy points a game. He and the Warriors will take on the Heat at home this evening. Miami has been stout against the position this season, ranking 7th in the league. Tonight will be the first meeting between the two teams this season. Durant has continued to produce, albeit at decreasing levels the older the season grows. Golden State still has the key chemistry issues to iron out, but the former MVP remains a top Daily option.

High Tier Pick ($8,500 – $7,000)

Gordon Hayward – $7000 – 39.479 Points

Gordon Hayward truly announced his arrival at the next level when he hit a buzzer-beater against the Cavaliers two seasons ago. Since then he has continued to improve as an all-around player. Building on his offense, he’s added a better presence on the glass to his growing arsenal. Hayward stands in as the number one High tier option with a 37.2 fantasy average each night. The Jazz will be facing the Cavaliers in Utah this evening. Cleveland has struggled against the position as they rank 25th versus opposing small forwards. This marks the first time the two teams will meet this year. Hayward has improved to be a reliable option in the face of any matchup. He offers safe value as the Jazz return home following their five game road trip.

Middle Tier ($7,000 – $5,000)

Markieff Morris – $5600 – 35.534 Points

Markieff Morris has been an overlooked option at the small forward position this season. Though he lacks potential, he has been generally consistent for the Wizards. Morris plays as one of the top value options with an average of 25.8 fantasy points per night. The Wizards will take on the Bulls at the Verizon Center this evening. Chicago has been strong against opposing small forwards with the 11th ranking defense in the league. Morris saw extended minutes in the previous meeting. He was inefficient shooting 4-12 from the floor, but found an edge on the interior with 12 rebounds. His size advantage remains, making for good potential on a fair price.

Low Tier ( -$5,000)

Nikola Mirotic – $4900 – 30.25 Points

Nikola Mirotic is one of the better punt options available this evening with a 21.3 fantasy average this year. Chicago faces Washington on the road tonight. The Wizards offer a favorable matchup as they rank 18th against opposing small forwards. Mirotic was especially average in the previous loss to Washington. He struggled from the floor and did not see enough playing time to make a difference on the boards. There was a decrease in playing time last night, but that may have been a preemptive move for the back-to-back scheduling.


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