The Raptors have to tweak their strategy if they want to succeed in the playoffs.

DFS SG: DeMar DeRozan Continues to Top Chart

DeMar DeRozan will look to lead the shooting guard position for his third game in a row. He sits atop the table with a 46.23 DraftKings projection. Bradley Beal sits at a similar level at 41.18 points. Beal offers a more opportunistic value, but his inconsistency makes him the alternate to DeRozan. The position is limited with top talent tonight, forcing owners to pick between the two. On the off chance neither are feasible options, Eric Gordon and Jeremy Lamb value well out of the Middle tier.

Dwyane Wade turned in a big performance before being sidelined with an injury in last night’s loss to the Thunder. Wade played 28 minutes as much of the starting rotation saw limited playing time. He led the team in scoring with 22 points, tying Steven Adams for the game-high. Wade produced at an all-around level with 6 assists and 4 rebounds. His 38.5 DraftKings points ranked as the top mark for all shooting guards. Wade proved to be the true top option with his 6.20 value finishing as the second highest mark of the day.

Buddy Hield has seen a heavy amount of inconsistency in his rookie season. The trend continued as he posted a lackluster performance in a win over the Knicks. Hield took only 7 shots from the floor, converting on four chances for 11 points. He offered versatile production with 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals in his 27 minutes of action. Playing on a night lacking many options, Hield led all shooting guards with a 6.36 value.

Rank Player Name Position Team Opponent Salary Points Value
1 DeMar DeRozan SG TOR vs BOS $8,300.00 46.23 5.57
2 Bradley Beal SG WAS vs CHI $6,400.00 41.18 6.44
3 Eric Gordon SG HOU vs CHA $5,900.00 35.12 5.95
4 Jeremy Lamb SG CHA @ HOU $5,100.00 30.29 5.94
5 Klay Thompson SG GSW vs MIA $6,500.00 29.59 4.55
6 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SG DET @ SAC $5,600.00 27.84 4.97
7 Marco Belinelli SG CHA @ HOU $3,800.00 26.57 6.99
8 Marcus Smart SG BOS @ TOR $5,800.00 26.41 4.55
9 Louis Williams SG LAL vs POR $4,600.00 25.27 5.49
10 Bojan Bogdanovic SG BKN vs ATL $4,900.00 24.38 4.98
11 Thabo Sefolosha SG ATL @ BKN $4,100.00 23.98 5.85
12 Evan Turner SG POR @ LAL $4,200.00 23.65 5.63
13 Rodney Hood SG UTA vs CLE $4,000.00 22.04 5.51
14 Dion Waiters SG MIA @ GSW $3,900.00 21.92 5.62
15 Danny Green SG SAS vs MIL $3,900.00 21.73 5.57
16 Tim Hardaway Jr. SG ATL @ BKN $4,600.00 21.66 4.71
17 Manu Ginobili SG SAS vs MIL $3,800.00 21.48 5.65
18 Kent Bazemore SG ATL @ BKN $4,300.00 20.78 4.83
19 Nick Young SG LAL vs POR $4,100.00 20.20 4.93
20 Sean Kilpatrick SG BKN vs ATL $4,800.00 20.00 4.17
21 Terrence Ross SG TOR vs BOS $4,000.00 19.47 4.87
22 Caris LeVert SG BKN vs ATL $3,400.00 18.72 5.51
23 Allen Crabbe SG POR @ LAL $4,300.00 18.72 4.35
24 Kelly Oubre Jr. SG WAS vs CHI $4,000.00 18.24 4.56
25 Norman Powell SG TOR vs BOS $3,800.00 17.90 4.71
26 Gerald Green SG BOS @ TOR $3,000.00 15.52 5.17
27 Tony Snell SG MIL @ SAS $3,400.00 15.23 4.48
28 Rodney McGruder SG MIA @ GSW $3,200.00 14.74 4.61
29 Wayne Ellington SG MIA @ GSW $3,300.00 13.87 4.20
30 Kyle Korver SG CLE @ UTA $4,500.00 12.77 2.84

High Tier Pick ($8,500 – $7,000)

DeMar DeRozan – $8300 – 46.233 Points

DeMar DeRozan offers a change of pace that has frustrated defenses to no end this season. While the league has shifted to heavy three point shooting and over-usage of advanced analytics, DeRozan has found success in the areas everyone has forgotten. Taking deep twos and working his way to the free throw line, he is making the most of his skill set. The regular free throw attempts help provide a new floor on his value that many other players cannot match. A perfect complement to Kyle Lowry, the two All-Stars continue lead Toronto towards the top of the conference.

DeRozan stands in as the number one High tier option with a 42.1 fantasy average each night. The Raptors will be facing the Celtics in Toronto this evening. Boston has been above-average against the position as they rank 13th versus opposing shooting guards. DeRozan was relatively average in the most recent meeting. The Raptors came away with the win as he finished with 24 points and 5 rebounds. Inefficient in the victory, better shooting could result in a much bigger line this time around.

Middle Tier ($7,000 – $5,000)

Bradley Beal – $6400 – 41.184 Points

Bradley Beal remains one of the more polarizing players at his position. There is no doubt that he is a strong scorer, but he often needs a heightened quantity of shots to find a consistent level of production. Many argue in his favor given the explosive nights he has delivered this season, but each owner will have their own opinion.  One of the guaranteed facts, though, is that he’s a top weapon in an otherwise thin Washington offense.

Beal plays as one of the top value options with an average of 33.9 fantasy points per night. The Wizards will take on the Bulls at home this evening. Chicago has been decimated by opposing shooting guards with the 27th ranking defense in the league. Beal offered his usual production in the teams’ previous matchup. He totaled 21 points and 5 assists in the road win. He may see increased potential as the Bulls are playing their second game in a row.

Low Tier ( -$5,000)

Marco Belinelli – $3800 – 26.574 Points

Marco Belinelli has been a difficult player to rely on this season. Despite on of his better years, a limited role off the bench results in unsatisfactory value. Matching that with his recent injury has left many owners unwanting to take a risk. Priced at a low level, he will need to break out of his slump.

Belinelli is one of the better punt options available this evening with a 18.4 fantasy average this year. Charlotte faces Houston on the road tonight. The Rockets offer a top-end matchup as they rank 25th against opposing shooting guards. This will be the first game between the two teams this season. Belinelli has seen a steady reintroduction to the rotation following his injury. His potential has he’s shot 3-20 since returning, making him playing as nothing more than a desperation punt option.


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