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Disjointed’s Elizabeth Ho Talks About How Her Team Sucks

Elizabeth Ho plays “budtender” Jenny on the hilarious Netflix show Disjointed and is one of the main reasons why I watch this show. Disjointed centers on life at the marijuana dispensary run by Ruth (Kathy Bates). I had a chance to talk to Elizabeth about her role on the show and her love of sports.

“This Disjointed character is a lot of fun,” said Ho, who had previously guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Bones, NCIS and 2 Broke Girls. “What really drew me to Jenny was that she was at a crossroads in her life where she’s trying to decide if she follows what her family wants for her or does she follow what she wants for herself?”

Don’t let the seriousness of Jenny’s Disjointed story arc fool you. Ho is hilarious playing Jenny who must convince her parents that she is still in medical school while she works at the dispensary. She said that it was this idea of a crazy workplace and the fact that Chuck Lorre, the genius behind such legendary shows as Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, was the creator behind Disjointed.

“I was in,” said Ho. “Then you have (comedy writer) David Javerbaum who’s done The Daily Show.  These people look incredible. Plus Kathy Bates, how could I say no?”

I had a chance to ask her about her love of sports when she’s not working.

When you’re not working, what sports do you watch?  

I watch baseball. I’ve been watching the Golden State Warriors recently because the Oakland A’s and my football team, which would be the San Francisco 49ers, suck. For the past five years, it’s been a rough go about it. I was never really into basketball. I jumped on that bandwagon because having two teams in the Bay Area suck so much, it’s so hard to watch game after game.

Can I say that you said they suck?

(Laughing) You can say it. They know it.  God bless them. Our quarterback for the 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo, has done so much great work. I keep on calling him Janeane Garofalo. I think it’s hilarious because I imagine Janeane Garofalo out on the field. But I’m glad that we have him. I have friends who were wishing that we hadn’t played him so that we could first pick in the draft, but it’s been nice to see the 49ers not play like shit.

And the Winter Olympics are coming, so I’m very excited about that. I grew up downhill skiing, specifically alpine downhill, so I’m very excited to watch the Winter Olympics.

I didn’t know you were an alpine skier. Do you participate in other sports as well or did you when you were a kid?

I was one of those kids who was like, “Hey, Liz, let’s play a sport” and I would sit down. The idea of being around a bunch of people was not a great idea for me. That was not a fun time, but growing older and going to USC and having a great football team, that’s when my love for sports really started to blossom.

What about your family when you were growing up? Did they watch the World Series and other sports or no?

My grandpa was. He loved sports. He would watch the World Series and he loved the Super Bowl and golf. Although, I think golf was mainly to put him to sleep because he would always take a nap. It’s very, very peaceful. My parents would watch, but my dad would get so nervous about watching the games that he would end up turning them off and then coming back and watching and then turning them off. So that was the way I grew up with sports was either we were all in and that’s what we were gonna watch on the television or it was like intermittent, depending if I was at my grandparents or at my parents’ house watching sports.

Disjointed has a softball team, by the way. We didn’t win, but we were second place in the softball primetime league. That was really exciting to root and cheer for all of our players.

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