Evan Fournier requests reforms from FIBA

Evan Fournier, the star and captain of the French national team, phoned FIBA to request that the EuroBasket schedule be altered so that players would have more time to relax and recover amid a frantic schedule that includes demanding back-to-back games, often with less than 24 hours between them.


“We have back-to-back games at the EuroBasket. And they differ greatly from the NBA,” Fournier said. “It’s more intense because there are fewer games here. If you play at 22:30, you often go to bed at 3:00. It’s a really difficult task. If FIBA adjusted that so we could get more rest in between games, that would be excellent.”

Following Monday’s afternoon practice and the day after France defeated a tenacious Hungary squad to get to 2-1 in Group B, Fournier offered these remarks. The swingman for the New York Knicks has played hundreds of back-to-back games in his brief NBA career, so he is accustomed to seeing significant playing time across many days. But even an NBA regular season game is very different from a EuroBasket game.


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