Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Sheridan: Team USA Roster Fluid as Las Vegas Mini-Camp Nears

LeBron James will not be there, nor will Stephen Curry. Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard are on the fence. DeMarcus Cousins, Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, Mike Conley and Gordon Hayward will be in attendance but sidelined by injuries. Gregg Popovich will be the ringleader, and the circus will be in town next week in Las Vegas as Team USA emerges …

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Sheridan: Kawhi Landing Zone Could be New York in 2019

Kawhi Leonard's injury

Kawhi Leonard’s short-term landing zone has been the topic of much debate and speculation. But what about the long-term LZ? What might be acceptable looking further down the road? New York? Quite a few things were happening around the NBA as Friday the 13th came and went, with DeMar DeRozan’s Instagram account suddenly dark, Jeremy Lin now the property of …

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Sports Betting Tips with Chris Sheridan Episode 5: Kawhi Leonard To The Knicks?

Kawhi Leonard, Kawhi, NBA, San Antonio Spurs, Kristaps Porzingis

Episode 5 of the Sports Betting Tips podcast, featuring veteran NBA journalist Chris Sheridan and SiriusXM host Noah Coslov, is now live. In this episode, Sheridan and Coslov discuss NBA Summer League, Kawhi Leonard’s future, the 2019 NBA offseason, and more. Stream the podcast below. The conversation commences with Noah discussing his experiences in Las Vegas for Summer League. All …

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The Rockets Reportedly Made Clint Capela A Monster Offer

Clint Capela, Capela, NBA, Houston Rockets

U[p-and-coming, 24-year-old center Clint Capela remains on the restricted free agency market, but that’s not because the Rockets are being stingy. The team recently offered the former No. 25 pick (2014) a five-year deal worth up to $90 million, per a new report, which adds that the Rockets are confident they will ultimately land Capela. Rockets offer to Clint Capela …

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Who Else Could Join LeBron James and Sign with Los Angeles Lakers this Summer?

LeBron James

With LeBron James on board, the LA Lakers are already at +650 odds to win the NBA title next season, while everyone is waiting to see who will join the King on the west coast, so let's take a closer look who could be on his way to Los Angeles this summer.

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Here’s How Rob Pelinka Learned LeBron Was Signing With The Lakers

The entire basketball world waited anxiously to learn where LeBron James would sign — especially his potential suitors. In the end, it came down to the Lakers (his ultimate selection), Cavaliers, and Sixers. So, how did Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka learn he had won the prize — landing the best basketball player on earth? Via text. A simple text, …

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Sheridan: All in all, Philadelphia as Landing Zone for Pau Gasol makes sense

Pau Gasol is currently under contract with the San Antonio Spurs. If what I am hearing comes to fruition, that contract will be relocated to Philadelphia and the 7-foot Spaniard will be teaming up with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons next season. When you are having simultaneous conversations with people all around the world and not a single person is …

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Kyrie Irving’s Injury In 2015 Playoffs Reportedly Annoyed LeBron ‘To No End’

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State recently accomplished something that had never been done before: they met for the fourth straight year in the NBA Finals. Pretty amazing when you think about it. In the first of those four years, 2015, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were sidelined for most of the Finals. Miraculously — on the back of a …

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With LeBron James Moving to the West, What Teams Have the Highest Odds of Winning the Eastern Conference?

LeBron James, Ben Simmons, NBA

After 15 years in the Eastern Conference, LeBron James has decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year $153.3 million contract, so let’s see the latest odds along with some betting picks on who could conquer the East next season.

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Celtics Rookie Robert Williams Has Rare Artery Condition In Legs

Robert Williams, Williams, NBA, Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics rookie Robert Williams looked like one of the biggest steals of the 2018 draft, but we now may know why he slipped all the way to No. 28. Williams has a rare artery condition in both of his legs. The condition is titled Popliteal Artery Rntrapment Syndrome (PAES). It’s a vascular disease in which the muscles and tendons …

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