Politics Betting Odds: Beto O’Rourke favorite for Democratic Nominee in 2020 Election

There is no longer an ‘offseason’ in politics. As we’ve seen with the NFL, the NBA, and MLB, there aren’t days or weeks off anymore, and instead we are just racing from one moment to the next. Even though the midterms have just ended, there is already speculation on which candidate the Democratic Party will run against Donald Trump in …

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2018 Mid-Term Election Gubernatorial Betting Odds

The mid-term elections are a little more than two weeks away, but it’s not just national legislature seats that are on the line for the Democrats and Republicans. State legislatures and gubernatorial spots are up for grabs too. Those races aren’t getting the national publicity that US Senate and House contests are receiving, but they will shape state politics for …

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Midterm Elections Betting: 2018 Senate Odds by State

In the past, midterm elections didn’t generate a lot of buzz. However, the current supercharged political climate has made the 2018 midterm elections a hot topic across the nation. The average citizen is more interested in the outcome of this year’s midterm elections than any other midterm elections in recent memory. The polarization of both parties during the administration of …

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2020 Presidential Election Betting: Mark Cuban’s odds are dropping

With the mid-term elections taking place just two months from now, it’s fair to start wondering who will win the 2020 Presidential Election. Donald Trump is one of the most unpopular presidents we have ever seen, but he is still the favorite to win. There is a pretty substantial incumbency advantage when it comes to political office, and the presidency …

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