Ice Cube to Develop Dock Ellis Movie, & Other News

dock ellis

Sports news in films, on television and in books!

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ESPN, What Are You Doing?

Last year right before football season, ESPN analyst Tom Jackson retired from NFL Countdown. At the time, it just seemed like one of the few bright spots on unquestionably the worst NFL pregame show on the planet had decided he’d had enough of the clown car ESPN which had sat him right in the middle. But maybe there was something …

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Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Sports Fan

Father's Day

Ideas for the perfect present for dad!

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The Sandlot Writer David Mickey Evans Talks to GMS

The Sandlot

David Mickey Evans is finished writing another movie about baseball and friendship.

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The Real Problem with Pitch Part 2

Oh yeah. I have more words about Fox’s Pitch and the, literal, fumbling of the ball. When I last left off we had just learned the San Diego Padres have the most innefective and useless minor league organization in the history of professional baseball.  How else can we explain the fact that only one player of the Padres’ 25-man active …

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The Real Problem with Pitch Part 1

Every year when we reach the cancel/renew portion of the television network schedule, I always lose a friend. It never fails, mainly because I have oddball tastes. Usually the fact I legitimately like it, like No Tomorrow, Making History or Frequency means it’s doomed from the start. I’ve come to expect it, so I do feel empathy for fans of …

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NFL Players Tackle Reading

tackle reading

When I heard about Tackle Reading, I had to give them a shout out.  As a writer and a lover of books, I am so happy to spread the word when anyone is doing something to help children love books and reading. There are 45 athletes, including NFL athletes — including from the Washington Redskins — who have contributed to Tackle Reading. …

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Sports Stars’ Risky Career Swaps

career swaps

Sports Stars’ Risky Career Swaps — Okay, say it with me …. Can you smelllllllllllllllllllll, what the Rock (our future Mr. President) is cooking?! The other day Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said that running for president of the United States in 2020 might be a real possibility (and if you missed it, Mick Foley endorsed him! Can we have this …

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Why Pitch Should Be Saved – With Some Changes


When I first saw Pitch, I was excited that there was a television show with a strong female character in a sports role. There aren’t many television shows like this — go ahead and name one recently because I had trouble and had to ask for some brainstorming help — so this one had high expectations for me. After seeing that …

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All That Remains’ Mike Martin Talks Sports, WWE

Mike Martin

Mike Martin is the guitarist for the heavy metal band, All That Remains. He and I had a chance to talk and I didn’t ask one question about music. He loved that. We talked about his love of sports, the WWE and Aaron Rodgers (okay, not totally his love of Aaron Rodgers, since he’s a New England Patriots fan, but …

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