Wednesday, August 15, 2018


2018 America’s Got Talent Odds and Recap, Auditions 5

america's got talent

Starting off this week’s auditions of America’s Got Talent is the human spider! It was so weird and so awesome that he could do that. Four yesses and he’s slinking off to the next round. Check it out: Don’t be afraid. He won’t bite. Spooky takes the spotlight on #AGT Tuesday 8/7c. — America's Got Talent (@AGT) June 22, 2018 …

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2018 Best Baker in America Recap and Odds, Episode 6 — A Royale Treat

So, just as a reminder, here are the remaining bakers still fighting it out for the finale of Best Baker in America (this is still in the order of who I think will win): Adam Young Max Santiago Jean-Francois Suteau Lasheeda Perry In this week’s skills challenge on Best Baker in America, they have to make six Mont Blanc cakes …

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Rashad Jennings Talks About His Book and Makes NFL and DWTS Predictions!

Rashad Jennings

Ever had a dream or a goal that seemed so impossible that no one – not even your father or coaches – believed in you? Rashad Jennings knows the feeling. The former New York Giants running back once dreamed of becoming an NFL star when he was a child. Unfortunately, he was a fifth-string running back who struggled with debilitating …

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The Voice: Head to Head Battles Continue!

The Voice

It’s a night of great battles on The Voice. These contestants are seriously talented. On Team Blake, it’s time for our first battle! Kaleb Lee versus Pryor Baird and they are going to sing “Don’t Do Me Like That.” Blake calls it a challenge for both of them. I honestly think that Pryor Baird is a frontrunner in this competition. …

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WWE: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know


When I spoke with Dean Miller, author of WWE Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, it was the day after the WWE TLC pay-per-view. Before we talked about this book that should be on every WWE fan’s holiday wish list, we talked about the craziness of the night before and Miller’s predictions. “Once Saturday morning rolls around and I see …

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How Pro Athletes Become the Victims of Fraud

It's happened to more athletes than you realize.

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List of Best College Sports Programs Released

College Sports

Did you choose the right school?

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National Hot Rod’s Jim Oberhofer Talks Racing, Life


Jim Oberhofer pens autobiography, "Top Fuel For Life."

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After Concussions and Stroke Does Darryl Clack Regret His Career?

Darryl Clack

In fifth grade, he couldn't remember his parents' names.

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The Rainmaker Radio Show – Speak Up!

Speak Up

Kristen Ulmer is Ej's guest this week on the Rainmaker Radio Show. She is the author of The Art of Fear, and she is simply known as the most extreme woman athlete in all of North America.

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