Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions

Primetime Emmy Awards

And the Emmy goes to?

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Julie Stewart-Binks Talks About the Future of Soccer


She's hard-working and dedicated to what she does.

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A Season With Navy Football Documentary on SHOWTIME


Tune in for the newest SHOWTIME documentary.

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Modern Gladiatorial League Combines Game of Thrones and MMA

Modern Gladiatorial League

Modern Gladiatorial League debuts!

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5 Netflix Sports Movies to Watch in July


Looking for something to do while the heat melts your very being? I know I am, so of course I turned to Netflix for some movie suggestions. These sports-based movies are new to Netflix as of July, so check them out. There are other sports movies too, but these are the newest additions and their synopses: Best in Show (2000) …

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GLOW — I’m late to the party, but what a party!


I’m a little late to the GLOW party, but trust me I had good reason. That being said, I didn’t think there could be too many articles on this new NETFLIX television show. The more viewers we can get watching it, the more it guarantees that this show will be around for awhile. I’ll be honest with that when I …

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Ice Cube to Develop Dock Ellis Movie, & Other News

dock ellis

Sports news in films, on television and in books!

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The Sandlot Writer David Mickey Evans Talks to GMS

The Sandlot

David Mickey Evans is finished writing another movie about baseball and friendship.

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The Real Problem with Pitch Part 2

Oh yeah. I have more words about Fox’s Pitch and the, literal, fumbling of the ball. When I last left off we had just learned the San Diego Padres have the most innefective and useless minor league organization in the history of professional baseball.  How else can we explain the fact that only one player of the Padres’ 25-man active …

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The Real Problem with Pitch Part 1

Every year when we reach the cancel/renew portion of the television network schedule, I always lose a friend. It never fails, mainly because I have oddball tastes. Usually the fact I legitimately like it, like No Tomorrow, Making History or Frequency means it’s doomed from the start. I’ve come to expect it, so I do feel empathy for fans of …

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