Gabriel Feinberg of Ohio State won the NCAA fencing title

In the March 2017 NCAA championship, Feinberg was the fourth seed. He upset top-seeded Ian Sanders (New York University) 15–14 in the semifinal round. At 14 all, Feinberg scored a thrilling winning touch to break the tie. Following up on his spectacular semi final triumph, Feinberg defeated Princeton’s Nicholas Lawson, the second-seeded player, 15-11 in the championship match. After the opening break, the fencers were knotted at six until Feinberg made a run for it, becoming the third Buckeye in a row to win an individual title.


Feinberg went to Dubai for the World Championships after winning the individual NCAA title. He participated in the team and individual competitions for fencers aged 20 and under. Feinberg didn’t do as well as he had hoped on a personal level. However, his side finished second in the team epee competition after falling to Egypt in the finals. Feinberg, who is a sophomore at Ohio State, wants to retain his NCAA championship. He desires a victory for his group as well. Additionally, he has the 2024 Summer Olympics as a secondary objective. He claims that he is carrying out his lifelong desire.


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