Giants News: Janoris Jenkins Tweets Bad Things at Fan During Practice

Calls fan a ‘retard’ while practice is ongoing

When you are the New York Giants, and you hire Pat Shurmur; and you let that permeate long enough; things like this begin to happen to a team. Indeed, in the wake of a loss on Monday Night Football to the Philadelphia Eagles in which the defense allowed a 20-0 second half and eventual overtime loss, there is another storyline on Wednesday.

While most Giants returned to the practice field, Janoris “Jack-Rabbit” Jenkins sat out practice with an injury. Still, Jenkins felt good enough to tweet this response to a fan who asked why the stats Jenkins was using to showcase his effectiveness weren’t contributing to any wins.

Obviously, that tweet will probably be deleted soon enough which makes for a less beautiful post here. Equally important was soon-to-be-fired head coach’s Pat Shurmur’s colorful thoughts on the subject.

“I was just made aware of it as I was going through the injury report, and he shouldn’t be tweeting during practice.”

Without a doubt, Shurmur always provides such vivid responses. The other night after the Giants collapsed, he was asked about the game. Literally he said something to the effect of ‘yeah, we tried our best and we will see’. And that was all.

Moreover, Shurmur seems like a man who has tried his best and just given up with a few weeks left on the job. His mind is no longer on the game of football, but whether or not his wife is making pot roast or what he may need to still get on his Christmas list. Truly, he seems that bad in-game and during interviews.

However this story is about his injured corner attacking a fan on twitter, which should never be acceptable in a pro organization. Remember, earlier this season the Browns released Jermaine Whitehead for his twitter rant; in quite possibly their only good move all season long.

Finally, it’s likely that Jenkins and Shurmur are in the same cab out of town when the 2019 season ends.

Written by Clint Evans

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