Thursday, May 24, 2018

Jersey Corner with Casey Bryant: Utah Jazz

Welcome to Jersey Corner. Today’s subject: the mountainous road jerseys of the Utah Jazz, used from 1996 to 2004.

The 1990s sure did love their purple. But the Jazz took it a step further by including pretty much every color from the color palette of the decade, namely teal, bronze, green and various shades of blue.

This design is a far cry from the usual Jazz designs. Dating back to their days in New Orleans when their name actually made sense, the logo was a 1920s-inspired ragtime-esque font with a basketball and music note making up the letter J. And yes, their colors always included purple. They were not just another victim of the purple rush of the 90s.

Can’t say the same about the teal, but I digress.

The old logo has since made a return, as the Utah Jazz reverted back to their original design in 2010. They have made a few tweaks to it, like adding more green and navy as opposed to purple and yellow. The concept is essentially the same though.

But when you think about the Utah Jazz, what do you think of? You think of Karl Malone, John Stockton, and their extreme threads from the 1990s. If they were wise, they would ditch their current green base and get back to their roots. Bring back the purple and use these babies as alternates.

How does this design rank on the Jersey Corner scale? Check the video in the summary to find out!

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Speaking of Karl Malone, remember that time Karl Malone bought his own monster truck? It’s one of the strangest and yet funniest incidences in sports in my lifetime. What made it so good?

Presenting a new feature video on the life and death of the Power Forward machine.

“Jersey Corner with Casey Bryant- Power Forward”

Jersey Corner with Casey Bryant- Utah Jazz
Jersey Corner with Casey Bryant- Utah Jazz

Casey takes a look at the arguably the most 90s jersey ever, the Utah Jazz roads. With special guest, Shea the Dog.

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