Lakers News: Kyle Kuzma Whispered in League Trade Rumors

It should have been noted when Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram exited the Los Angeles Lakers that Lebron James was shaping a veteran team to win a title right now. For instance, this isn’t the first time James has wanted to play with few young players.

Does the name Andrew Wiggins – who was drafted by Cleveland but never played for them – ring a bell?

Now the Lakers are talking Kyle Kuzma in trade rumors for Bogdan Bogdanovic in one scenario. This report comes from Marc Stein of the NY Times.

According to Stein, Sacremento is “among the teams that [have] tried to engage the Lakers in Kuzma trade talks,” and they know any deal would have to be centered on Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Furthermore, Bogdanovic is a near perfect fit for what the Lakers like to do schematically. For example, he shoots 38 percent from long range which would allow the Lakers the opportunity to spread out Lebron James and Anthony Davis on the floor.

Bogdanovic also has the ability to create with a dynamic distributor like James in the mix, and the Lakers are short on players like that right now. Lastly, the inconsistency of the young but talented Kuzma probably makes the organization (and James) feel a bit uneasy about how he would perform deep in a playoff series.

Without question, the Lakers would win this trade by a landslide if they can pull it off. We will have more on this story if it continues to gain traction.

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