Lakers News: LeBron James Clears the Air About Situation with Kyle Kuzma’s Trainer

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Criticism came down heavy on the Lakers and LeBron James following their disappointing Christmas Day loss to the cross-court rival Clippers, and one of the loudest forms of that criticism over social media came from Clint Parks, Kyle Kuzma’s trainer.

Although Kuzma was briefly caught up in the drama himself with his tweet “call a spade a spade,” that could mean anything and more than likely isn’t tied to either James or Parks.

LeBron was asked about Parks’ comments before the Lakers’ game against the Portland Trailblazers on Saturday, and he immediately squashed any rumors of beef between him and Kuzma.

“Kuz came to me yesterday at practice and told me what’s going on, and that was it. I really don’t care for someone’s trainer or whatever the case may be. Everyone can have their own opinion,” James told reporters. “Any time someone wants to get some notoriety, they can throw my name in it and people are going to pick it up. That’s why you asked me about it. My name was in it. I’ve never met the guy. I don’t know the guy. I couldn’t care less about the guy. Whatever the case may be, I wish him the best.”

James has been battling through a groin injury for the past week or so, although he is still leading the top team in the western conference and averaging 25.5 points, 7.5 rebounds, and leading the NBA in 10.8 assists per game.

Written by Andres Soto

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