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Last-minute Holiday Shopping Ideas for Sports Fans

Raise your hands if you haven’t even started your holiday shopping yet. I can’t raise mine because I’m just about done (sorry), but I definitely can understand the last-minute panic when you realize that you don’t have a holiday gift for your loved one. But don’t worry. I’m here with some gift-giving ideas so you look good on Christmas Day and your loved one will never even know you waited until last-minute.

Tickets to a Sporting Event: Is your mom a New York Yankees fan? Does your favorite uncle love watching the fun and excitement of WWE? Does Dad schedule his life around the Boston Celtics? Why not secure some tickets to their favorite sporting event? All you have to do is sign in to buy tickets and then either print out the tickets or make a mock ticket and wrap it up. Tickets can be sent via phone or by email so you don’t need to fight with the mall shoppers on this one.

Online Gift Card: You don’t need an actual gift card to hand to someone. Instead, you can choose to email them a gift card and all you need is their email address. Websites like offer a virtual gift card option. All your recipient needs to do is pick out what they want from the comfort of their own home.

Magazine Subscriptions: There are online sites where can order sports magazines for your favorite friend, boss or family member., for example, offers Golf, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Climbing, Runner’s World, etc. The subscription will start after the holidays, but you can show them the confirmation that they will get the magazine.

Basket of Goodies: Okay, maybe you have some time and can get to the store (any store) and put something together. If that’s the case, grab a basket and fill it up with sports-watching snacks such as popcorn, chips, Slim Jims and protein bars, such as the ONE bar (check out the flavors, such as cinnamon roll, chocolate brownie, glazed doughnut, almond bliss, the new peanut butter chocolate chip cake and many more). A selection of ONE bars would be the perfect gift for an athlete because they are always in search of items that can give them that extra protein push throughout the day. You can grab a sports magazine or a DVD to add to the mix. Don’t forget the beer!

Put together a trip: Seriously. Simply put together an itinerary. Book a hotel room or plane tickets. Print out the confirmation and wrap it up. Has your wife always wanted to step on Lambeau Field like I did last year? Book the hotel and buy the plane tickets and surprise her on Christmas morning. Has your brother always wanted to see racing in Kentucky? No better time than the present to take him. I know the people at Sports Travel & Tours so if you need help putting together a sports travel package, call them and tell them I sent you.

Want to take a cruise? Of course you do. How about booking a seat on the Chris Jericho Cruise, which sails from October 27 through October 31, 2018, from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas. You’ll cruise with WWE superstars and Jericho’s band Fozzy! Once you have your tickets, sit back and soak it in maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn that you bought the best holiday gift ever — the gift of sports travel. And when it comes to the best presents ever (say it with me)… YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

Still stuck? How about ordering a PPV sporting event? Renting sports movies right from your television? Of course, if you’re exchanging gifts after Christmas, you still have time to get to the mall for some holiday shopping and buy something from the sports stores, like Dick’s and Modell’s, or even order something now for arrival after Christmas.

See, it’s all going to be okay. Just don’t wait anymore! Get to your holiday shopping!

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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