LeBron and Pelinka speak candidly about Vogel’s dismissal

LeBron remains ‘eager’ and ‘confident’ despite a difficult season marred by losses, doubts about the roster’s composition, and injuries. LeBron James’ placid attitude concealed his season-long disappointments with the Los Angeles Lakers’ inability to win and his numerous ailments. The same manner also reflected how James could put his four-year career with the Lakers into perspective, highlighting both exciting highs (a 2020 NBA championship) and dismal lows (two missed playoff appearances and one first-round exit).

“I came here with the intention of winning a title. James stated Monday at the Lakers’ practice facility, “I want to win more.” “I accomplished what I set out to do. However, I remain yearning for more. I’m certain that this group desires the same thing.” James made those remarks immediately after meeting with Rob Pelinka, the Lakers’ vice president of basketball operations and general manager. About 90 minutes later, the Lakers announced the firing of head coach Frank Vogel.


“Our season was quite disappointing,” Pelinka stated. “That will not be the case for the next season.” Pelinka refuses to concentrate on the conditions, stating that “we are in the business of winning and losing; we are not in the business of making excuses.” Pelinka expressed some self-criticism within that paradigm. He said that “our roster did not function” after assembling a veteran-laden squad led by Westbrook. The Lakers also sacrificed some of their youth and depth in order to get Westbrook from Washington last summer.


“That begins with the front office, led by myself, and our ability to assemble the best roster possible,” Pelinka said. “It begins with coaches keeping players accountable and ensuring proper execution on the court. It is up to our training team to ensure that our athletes have everything necessary to maintain healthy bodies on the court. It is up to our players to execute at the best level on the court. That is what Lakers fans deserve and demand of us all.”



Written by Clint Pasillas

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