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Lucha Underground Recap: Cage’s Unique Opportunity

Last week on Lucha Underground, The Mack won the Battle of the Bulls tournament to become the new #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Championship. The main event the evening, Johnny Mundo would retain the Lucha Underground title after ripping Sexy Star’s mask off, giving him all the time in the world to escape the steel cage. Tonight, Jeremiah Crane faces Mil Muertes and Cage finishes his Best of Five Series with Texano.

Opening Segment
Several weeks ago, Prince Puma challenged Mil Muertes to Grave Consequences came out on the losing side. After being in a coffin for weeks, Prince Puma would be freed by a surprising savior, Vampiro. Now we see Prince Puma with Vampiro in the same place that Pentagon Dark trained after his back injury to come back stronger than ever. Vampiro says that Prince Puma needs to turn to the dark side, and pledge to him. Puma obliges, calling Vampiro “master.” This turn to the dark side could be exactly what Puma needs to add extra aggression to his arsenal, and possibly conquer Mil Muertes once and for all.

Jeremiah Crane vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)
Jeremiah Crane demanded this match last week from Dario Cueto, in hopes to eliminate Mil Muertes for good. If Crane can dispel of Muertes, he wants Catrina all to himself. Catrina is not a normal woman, however, and her being the “High Priestess of Darkness” should not be taken likely.

Prince Puma rushes the ring with a kendo stick, and while Catrina tries to tell the referee, it just gives Puma more time to do damage. After a bicycle kick, Jeremiah Crane covers a stunned Mil Muertes for a quick three count. Puma continues the attack after the match, and kneels towards Vampiro, his new master. Winner: Jeremiah Crane

Backstage Segment
Famous B approaches Texano backstage, and tells him that he almost has it all. Texano has the size and the strength, but he isn’t connecting with the fans. Famous B says that all Texano needs is an image change to get more over with the fans, and Famous B could change that for him. B even offers to accompany him to ringside later on when he faces Cage.

Jack Evans & PJ Black vs. Angélico & Son of Havoc
Two weeks ago, there was another match that featured all four of these men. However, it was a Fatal Four Way match to qualify for the Battle of the Bulls tournament finals (which would eventually be won by The Mack). While Jack Evans and PJ Black had the clear advantage from being in the Worldwide Underground, PJ Black only won the match by pinning his teammate. Tonight, Evans and Black team back up to take on two of the first Lucha Underground Trios Champions.

Angélico has some history to take care of with the Worldwide Underground, as well. Johnny Mundo and his allies injured Angeélico and put him on the shelf for months. It wasn’t until Aztec Warfare III that Angélico would return, and he is picking up exactly where he left off months ago. It helps that he is teaming up with on of the most talented luchadores in the Temple.

After Angélico seemingly dislocates his elbow, Son of Havoc faces a handicap situation which ends up being his downfall. Jack Evans and PJ Black take advantage and soundly put Son of Havoc away. Winners: Jack Evans & PJ Black

Cage (2) vs. Texano (1) – Best of Five Series
A couple months ago, Dario Cueto promised his greatest unique opportunity ever to the winner of a match between Cage and Texano. Cage would win, then Dario Cueto decided to change that to the first match of a Best of Five Series. Cage won the second match, and Texano would barely survive the third by getting a roll-up victory. If Cage wins tonight, he wins the entire series, so it is do or die for Texano. On top of that, Texano prevented Cage from winning the Battle of the Bulls finals match, so the self-professed “machine” might be even more aggressive going into this contest.

Cage slips from the top rope, and he lands face first onto the exposed turnbuckle. After taking advantage with a sit-out powerbomb, Texano ties up the series 2-2. Winner: Texano

Dario Cueto exits his office to say that he doesn’t want to wait any longer to see who will earn the “awesome” unique opportunity. Even though Cage is bloody and groggy, El Jefe makes Match Five happen right now, and anything goes.

Match Announcements
Next week, Sexy Star will face Mariposa, and The Mack will challenge Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Cage (2) vs. Texano (2) – Best of Five Series Finale (Anything Goes)
This match is for all the marbles (really awesome marbles, apparently). Cage and Texano fight all over the Temple, but end the match in the ring. After several unprotected chair shots to the head on both ends, Cage finishes Texano off with a unique Jackhammer piledriver. Winner: Cage

Dario Cueto exits his office to reveal his unique opportunity. It is so powerful that he doesn’t want to award it in front of the fans, so he brings Cage into his office. The reward is a gauntlet that somehow makes Cage even stronger than he already is, so the tide of the Temple could certainly change in Cage’s favor.

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