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Lucha Underground Recap: Round Three in the Books

We are only three weeks away from the crowning of the Cueto Cup winner, but things on Lucha Underground are starting to focus on the Gift of the Gods Championship as well. The Rabbit Tribe takes on the Worldwide Underground for three Aztec Medallions, while Mil Muertes takes on Jeremiah Crane and Pentagon Dark faces Texano to finish Round Three of the tournament.

The Rabbit Tribe (Mala Suerte, Saltador, & Paul London) vs. Taya, PJ Black, & Ricky Mandel (w/Jack Evans) – Aztec Medallions
Since Johnny Mundo cashed in the Gift of the Gods Championship to win the Lucha Underground Championship, the gateway title has not been seen since, partly due to the Cueto Cup. Since the Cup is dwindling down to the final matches, more time needs to fill out the rest of the show to build towards Ultima Lucha Tres.

For those who don’t know or need a little refresher, here is a rundown of the Gift of the Gods Championship. It starts with seven Aztec Medallions (the winners of this match will earn one each). Once seven medallions are obtained, there is a seven-way match (sometimes elimination) to determine the winner of the Gift of the Gods Championship. This is like a regular championship except for the fact that the titleholder can “cash in” the belt one week in advance for a guaranteed Lucha Underground Championship match. Once the belt is cashed in, the cycle of Aztec Medallions is reset.

Jack Evans tried to interfere in the match to help the Worldwide Underground, but it seems like Dario Cueto was right last week when he said that they always fail. The unorthodox Rabbit Tribe picks off Ricky Mandel and picks up the win with Paul London’s Shooting Star Press. This is the Rabbit Tribe’s first victory as a trio, and they get seven medals because of it. Winners: The Rabbit Tribe

Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) vs. Jeremiah Crane – The Cueto Cup (Round Three)
While this match is ultimately for a chance at the Lucha Underground Championship, there is a personal rivalry brewing through this match. Over the entire third season, Jeremiah Crane has made it no secret that he is in love with Catrina, Mil Muertes’ controller. Muertes destroys his opponents when he has no personal feud with them, so this extra layer means bad news for Crane.

Before Crane gets down the stairs, Muertes assaults him from behind and they fight all over the Temple before the match officially starts. During the commercial break, Dario Cueto announces that the match will be No Disqualification (appropriately so) and it finally begins when both men enter the ring.

Crane keeps hitting Muertes hard, but he cannot put the Man of 1,000 Deaths away. After hitting the Flatliner, he immediately rolls over into the pinfall. Instead of giving Crane the “Lick of Death,” Catrina kisses him. This enrages Muertes, leading to him hitting another Flatliner on Crane which spikes his head into the mat. Winner: Mil Muertes | Eliminated: Jeremiah Crane

Backstage Segment
Dario Cueto is in his office when a member of the FBI comes into his office. Luckily for Cueto, this man is on his side. He, who still remains unnamed, is the replacement for the man that Cage killed a couple months ago.

Texano vs. Pentagon Dark – The Cueto Cup (Round Three)
After an incredibly easy first round and a challenging second, Texano’s journey in the Cueto Cup takes him to his toughest opponent yet in Pentagon Dark. In the last round, Pentagon Dark defeated Drago and looked to break his arm, but after some unexpected events unfolded, he ended up breaking the arm of Drago’s former partner and co-Trios Champion, Aerostar.

Famous B and Brenda come down to the ring trying to give Texano the edge, but it backfires. While Brenda distracts the referee, Famous B tries to throw Texano a horseshoe, but it ends up in Pentagon Dark’s hands. Pentagon uses this on Texano and picks up the easy win. After the match, Pentagon attempts to break Texano’s arm, but Famous B gets him to stop. Instead, Pentagon breaks Famous B’s arm, and even Brenda’s, too. Winner: Pentagon Dark | Eliminated: Texano | Arm Broken: Famous B & Brenda

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