Mitchell, the newest Cavaliers player, is warmly welcomed in Cleveland

Donovan Mitchell was showered with the type of affection that was previously reserved in this city for his basketball hero from the minute he arrived. The New Yorker who grew up wondering what it was like to be LeBron James and cheering for Cleveland from afar got his first taste of it.


Mitchell was greeted warmly by the Cavaliers on Wednesday when he was presented, two weeks after the three-time All-Star guard was acquired from Utah in a deal that shocked the NBA and caught him off guard while he was out playing golf.

Mitchell had been hearing the trade rumors for months and had come to believe he was going to the Knicks, his local team. Being close to his mother Nicole once more and reconciling with relatives would have been wonderful. Instead, he joined the growing Cavaliers in Cleveland as their newest component, who quadrupled their win total before narrowly missing the playoffs last season. They won’t do it this time.


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