MLB News: Madison Bumgarner Has a Secret Identity Competing in Rodeos

The former Giants ace apparently spent parts of last year secretly competing in rodeos.


In an offseason full of unprecedented weirdness, you can file this one under what is happening. Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic did some hard-hitting journalism that past few months and found out something very interesting…

As it turns out, Madison Bumgarner has been going by an alias to secretly compete in rodeos.

We already know Bumgarner has a history of detrimental off-field hobbies. He was injured in a dirt bike accident a few years back and had to miss significant time. But taking the time to make up a fake name and enter rodeo competitions is next-level for MadBum.

The story is that Bumgarner went by the name Mason Saunders and actually entered two competitions last year. In fact, he won over $26,000 in a rodeo he entered in December 2019, just two weeks before he signed a deal with Arizona.

In regards to his contract, Bumgarner was not willing to admit if it went against the rules outlined in it or not. In fact, none of the Arizona executives Baggarly reached out to had anything to say.

Not going to get into discussing specific contract language. -Arizona Diamondbacks general manager when asked about Bumgarner’s contract limitations

Regardless of whether or not competing in rodeos is allowed in his contract, this has to be one of the more interesting off-field stories seen in baseball this year.

Written by Brook Smith

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