MLB News: Minor League Players Experiencing Nightmare in This Hiatus

The Minor League Players are being hit the hardest by the coronavirus fallout.

Minor League
Honeywell's minor league journey has been quick.

The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has poured over into the lives of minor league players. A series of texts came out this week detailing how many of the lower-level players were being treated after teams were told they could go home.

It’s not uncommon knowledge that minor league players are not treated well. They are severely underpaid and often put into very uncomfortable situations in regards to travel and accommodations. When the league decided to suspend baseball operations, there were also questions of when players would even get paid. And now, we get to see the true effect of the pandemic in baseball.

From the texts, it looks as though minor league players are not even being given the option to stay with the team. Rather, they are being kicked out and told to go home. Many players from what it seems are being paid only travel money to get them back home.

The texts go on to address what the anonymous players will be doing in their time away from baseball, One player, in particular, was a substitute teacher in the offseason, and was headed home to a city in which the school district was shut down.

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Written by Brook Smith

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