MLB News: Players and Celebrities React to Astros Cheating Scandal

People outraged over Astros everywhere


Obviously in the wake of Thursday’s influx of Houston Astros’ cheating news, some reactions shook out on twitter.

First, we have Mike Clevinger. The Cleveland Indians’ starting pitcher says that the Astros shouldn’t be able to look him in the eye out of being ashamed. Furthermore, he says they took food off his table.

Next, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ MVP of the National League Cody Bellinger sounds off. Bellinger is worried about the integrity of the game, which is nice to hear.

Evan Longoria of the San Francisco Giants kept it short and sweet, but still made his point heard.

Chris Archer has been getting hit like a snare drum lately, and he’s not happy either.

Finally, Tommy Pham just tweeted a picture from our post yesterday. It’s Jose Altuve appearing to wear some extra-curricular gear under his uniform.

Then, there’s Bronx Tale actor Chazz Paminteri. He’s a big Yankees fan, and perhaps no one os more upset with this whole thing then him. Never mess with a born and bred New Yorker, folks.

These reactions will continue to pile up in the days to come. We will have more of them, as they come available.

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