MLB News: Team Win Totals Released For 2020 Season by Oddsmakers

Obviously, it’s always a fun time of year when oddsmakers release baseball’s upcoming season win totals. Now for the 2020 season, team win totals have been released. Notably, Bob Nightengale who covers MLB for USA Today tweeted out the totals earlier Thursday.

Have a look at what you think. Also, note one major exception. Right now, the Houston Astros are ‘off the board’. When this happens, it is because oddsmakers don’t have enough information to make an educated number or odd. To say the least, there’s a bit of chaos going on in Houston right now due to the sign-stealing scandal.

A few quick notes from browsing this:

  • Mike Trout and the Angels could make a go of things in what could be a wide open AL West.
  • The Yankees are seen as baseball’s best team, if these numbers have any bearing; after signing Gerrit Cole.
  • Boston could still be quite competitive
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are viewed as strong, but short of 100 forecasted wins by a hair.
  • The Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, and New York Mets could make up the best race in baseball.
  • The Phillies are going to be in the thick of things to make the NL East a four-team race.

Remember, these are by no means projections. This is just a number that is the most likely figure to induce betting (over or under that amount) set by sports oddsmakers.

Is it Spring Training yet?

Written by Clint Evans

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