MLB News: Trevor Bauer Organizes Sandlot Game and Fundraiser For Relief

The Reds’ pitcher is putting together a fundraiser to help baseball employees.


Trevor Bauer is making all of the headlines in the midst of this hiatus. The Cincinatti Reds’ pitcher took to Twitter after Major League Baseball announced operations were ceasing, and he got everyone into a frenzy. Bauer suggested the players get together for a sandlot-style game in Arizona, and the idea has only grown from there.

So much so that there is already a fundraiser in place for the event. In a GoFundMe page created by Trevor Bauer, we learned that the proceeds are going back to employees of baseball that will be losing out on payment during this delay.  The donation link reads as follows:

All proceeds will be donated to support MLB game day staff during this trying time.  Thank you for your support!
As of this post, the link had already raised $15,000. Bauer also announced earlier today that the event was still on. Details were not released on a time or location, but he did say that it will be live-streamed. The event will be covered by Momentum, a YouTube channel and streaming platform co-founded by Bauer.
It’s not clear yet if Major League Baseball is allowing the event to happen. So far, there have not been any responses from officials, at least publically. Games have been pushed back until the second week of April.

Written by Brook Smith

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